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Setting Up My Anabolic Diet

just wondering if anyone could help me set up the anabolic diet or a diet where i can drop body fat pretty quickly i am at 12 percent i wanna be at about 2 months or so

You want to be at what percentage bf? All I can see is that you’re at 12% now.

Simple answer- Thibaudeau advocates taking 1g of fish oil per percentage bf, so if you’re 12% now, take 12g fish oil a day.

But maybe one of the more knowledgeable guys can help you out if you give us more specifics about what you lift, how often you train, what your diet looks like, etc.

Hang on, you’ve got a thread halfway down the page asking pretty much the same thing…

i want to get down to about 8 percent

Be specific, tell us your diet now, tell the diet you are aiming for.

Instead of being blunt and broad.

my diet is just low carb high protein not a specifeic amount of calories i wnt my diet to be low carb high protein and fat i want to drop about 4 percent body fat and in a couple months training 5-6 days a week and cardio 4 HIIT and steady state

I question your need for fat loss…how much do you weight now? Why would you need to go lower than 12, how do you know you’re at 12 in the first place? Most people don’t need to lose fat the just need to gain muscle. More muscle = lower bf%…

i am about 177 5’10 bench 225x20 squat 375x5 ATG deadlift 380x4 powerclean 205x3

If you can lift those weights at 177 I doubt you have any fat to lose.
Why lose weight in two months? Is the summer early this year?

here is a pic…