Setting Up Home Gym (In Europe)

Well I guess what happened today to me happened to a whole lot of you guys.

It was ME deadlift today, I used chalk, logical no?
I got bitch at by the bodybuilders at my gym and by the manager (he was basically claiming that he doesn’t wanny clean my mess, wtf what do I pay for???).

So here’s the thing I am considerating very actively about getting a rack for myself and set it up in my basement. Since I live in switzerland in europe do you guys have any ideas about which are the best brands to get in touch with ??

thanks alot in advance.


How about cleaning up your own mess?
How about liquid chalk?

I will try that out. I use it for indoors climbing walls so I guess it would do the trick. Thx

I have my own powerrack in Germany and it’s allright but that’s about it. If you want to buy your own rack I can give you a few links if you like.

Other than that, I think you can use chalk and not make a mess. Just take as much as you really need and take a wet towell and clean up the mess you make anyways. That should only take a second and if you ask the manager politely he should be allright with it.