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Setting Up For TRT

I’m only 29 but you all know way more about TRT then anyone else on the boards. I don’t suspect I need any intervention now but I would like to get some baseline readings and begin a relationship with a progressive doc in MD.

This is so that 10-15 years down the line I have a base reading that I can get back to and at least an argument for doing it. I wouldn’t mind getting to high normal and staying there forever but it’s not pressing. As far as I’m concerned if I want to increase performance or health I can get there via diet for now.

If anyone has doc recomendations in MD please send a message. Also, what else can I do now as far as testing etc to make life easier for TRT as my levels drop naturally.


You’ve got the right idea and since all you need at this time is a blood test, you probably don’t even need to see a doctor unless you want your health insurance to pay for it. Just explain to him/her exactly the same way you’ve explained it here.

Any doctor should be receptive to the idea unless there is a specific policy against it from your insurance carrier. Many won’t authorize blood tests for anything that doesn’t have an immediate disease related connection, but that will be for the doctor’s office to tell you or you can call your insurance carrier and ask them directly.

If you want independent test results, try Life Extension.org www.lef.org/bloodtest you go to the local center for testing and nobody else finds out. I don’t work there.