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Setting up E2D or E3D Events in Android Google Calendar

Setting up E2D or E3D events on your mobile phone calendar can be a pain because most of the default google calendars on phones/Android devises do not have this setup option. I have found a way around this using outlook.

Well I feel like a turd wasting my time with the outlook way. Easier way is to log into your google calendar using a web browsers. Hmm go figure.

Or update your Android calendar on your phone and this option is now available.

Turd Outlook way.

In sort: Create a new calendar in outlook with just one E2D or E3D recurring event in it. Export it the calendar into a file form (calendar.ics file) View/open the file on the android devise that has google calendar. On my phone it opens and shows the recurring event and I hit the check mark and it imports the event into my calendar. Repeat for more recurring events.

  1. Create new blank calendar in your outlook. Vary important because this method only imports the first recurring event on the calendar into your android google calendar

  2. In month view of your outlook calendar left click into the first day you want to start your recurring event. This will highlight that day. Now right click on the same day. This will open a box. Click New Recurring Event.

This will open an Appointment Recurrence box.
Set your appointment time if you like.
In the (recurrence pattern section) select Daily. There should be an Every or Every weekday selection. Make sure Every is selected and put 2 or 3 in the day(s) field depending if you want EOD or E3D.

Now in the (Range of recurrence) set to your liking. I select No end date. Click OK.
Now put a name into the Subject line like T-Shot. Click Save and Close.
You should now see your recurring event in your calendar.

  1. Click the home tab in your calendar. In this toolbar you should see (email calendar). Click this and email to your device that has the google calendar. When you click email calendar a box will open that says Send a Calendar via E-mail. Make sure the new calendar you made is selected in the calendar field. In the Date Range select Whole calendar. Now send the email to your devise.

  2. Open the email and click view the attachment. This should open a new window showing the recurring event. Click the check button and now your recurring event should be in the google calendar.

This works for me. I am sure there are other ways to do this. If you know of another way to do this please let us know.

I use an app called Rx Medicine Reminder on my phone. You can set up multiple reminders for all of your meds with dosages at whatever interval and time you need. Currently I have test set for E3D and Ai for EOD. Works great. Available in the Google Play Store.