Setting Up Alternate Day Fasting?

Hi Paul,

I’m hoping you can assist with how to setup alternate day fasting. I’ve tried a 16:8 IF but with my work day it’s very hard to maintain, so having a day where I eat a little in the morning and a little 12 hours later is actually more realistic for me. I saw the original article on TNation a while back about eating only 800 calories on two non-training days and the other days are normal. I did this and I lost some weight and my body comp looked really good too. Problem is my lifts went to shit in a major way. I had to drop my training maxes by 40lbs to 50lbs and basically rebuild.

Is there a way to do AD Fasting so I can maintain progress in my main 3 lifts (Squat, BP, DL) or should I avoid AD Fasting? If it is realistic how should Inset it up? For example if I should eat 21K calories per week to lose weight slowly, do I just make up those calories on non-fasting days and not include the 1600 calories from the two fasting days into that total? I was thinking to exclude the 800/day because it’s so far below my BMR that those calories don’t matter much. Any insight would be great.

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Dude there’s literally like a million questions in there.

What is your MAIN GOAL???

Umm, this is what i do and its very effective for me. Lift EOD. upper/lower, push/pull, or something of the sort.

Lift day fast till noon. Meal 2 at 3pm. lift at 4:15-4:30. Meals 3 and 4 around 6pm and 8:30. Eat at maintance this day, low fat, moderate protein, moderate carbs.

Off day…light Am cardio depending on goals. extend the fast to 1-3pm. 2-3 meals of veggies/protein/efas/healthy fats. maybe shoot for a 20-25% deficit.