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Setting Training Goals


Sup guys

As I am putting together a training-program for what to do after I am finished with my cutting-phase, I need some insights as of how to set good goals with my training.

Barbell bench: I found exrx describing some good strength goals, however it uses barbell-based goals in stead of dumbbells for my bench. I use dumbbells, as I find it hits me better, and my shoulders hurt after periods of bench with bars. How can I set good goals for barbell bench? Is there a good factor/number to multiply the bench numbers? Will the progression be similar?

Also, as much as I like deads, I believe it's a benefit for me to do more hip-thrusts, cleans and good-mornings. How would you set goals here?

In addition, I want to go down the body-building route, and I need some good sources as of where and how I should get my measurements. I'm a meso-endomorph if that helps.

Thanks !


If you are more interested in bodybuilding, I wouldn’t get too caught up in your 1RM. Improving your 10RM, on the other hand, would be different.

I don’t like ‘objective’ goals anymore. What’s the point? Do you really want to bench so-and-so much so you can tell people you are an intermediate according to a certain authority? On barbell lifts, I always aim for 25lbs more than I can lift right now. That’s a number you can generally reach within a certain time frame.

For dumbbell stuff, don’t even bother with low reps. Depending on where you stand right now, I would say that dumbbell benching more than your bodyweight for double digit reps is a pretty cool feat and I don’t see tons of people doing it.

As for measurements, I’ll just quote Brad Pilon:

"1. Neck Measurement
2. Shoulders at their widest point (halfway between your nipples and your clavicle)
3. Chest (measuring tape right across your nipples and under your arms)
4. Waist 3 inches above your bellybutton*
5. Waist at your belly button
6. Waist 3 inches below your belly button*
7. Hips at their widest point
8. Thigh 9 inches above the top of your kneecap*
9. Thigh 6 inches above the top of your kneecap*
10. Thigh 3 inches above the top of your kneecap*
11. Calf at its widest point
12. Bicep (flexed) measure the widest point
13. Forearm at its widest point.

*Depending on your height, you may want to use 2 inch jumps instead. As a rough guess
Iâ??d say that anyone under 5â??6â?? should use 2 inch instead of 3 inch jumps."


‘Game changers’…


I like this article but I find the squat,pull,hinge “game changers” super conservative compared to the bench BW x15, and double bodyweights farmer walks (but I have a bad grip)


Sit down and think what really matters to you about your training. Size? Strength? Aesthetics?

Then set goals based on that.For instance, if you’re a powerlifter, it’s relatively easy IMO: you just want to keep increasing your total until Master or Elite is a realistic possibility.

Since you’re more interested in bodybuilding, why not find a competition about a year away and train for that?