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Setting the Lunk Alarm Off in Alabama


Hey guys, so apparently they just opened up a planet fitness in t.town. Really curious to actually see what the inside of one of these forsaken places is really like.

Not to mention, the first monday of every month is FREE PIZZA, and the second tuesday of each month is FREE BAGEL day.

anyone wanna use up their one free pass and come check it out with me?

okok, honestly i just want to set off the lunk alarm, and get some good video to go with it.


I've been curious to see the lunk alarm in action....video of it would be hilarious.


there's vid of them on youtube


Lunk alarm?


What's a lunk alarm?


Ha! I will be eagerly anticipating the release of this errr, documentary.


This(thanks for the heads up jehovafit):

WOW..lol. I would be more pissed about the alarm than someone grunting. It's like a tornado drill.


I thought about doing this myself. I am now living vicariously through you, so you better come through or my dreams will be shattered.


You know that will just give fat, out of shape people further reason to stereotype against big guys. There are better ways to be an ambassador for this hobby than looking like an ass, no matter how much contempt you may feel for Planet Fitness.


Just like you just stereotyped all Planet Fitness members?? Righteousness Fail.


No, the best way to "burn" them is to turn their practices, customs and clientele into a nationwide/worldwide joke and have everyone laugh at THEM while they feebly attempt to alienate serious lifters and bbers from society and have everyone laugh at US.

Good going, Holy......I can;t enter Alabama for obvious reasons but will be with you guys in spirit.


oh give me a fucking break. the SELLING point for these gyms are 'judgement free zones', pizza mondays, bagel tuesdays, and free tootsie roll jars. people go here because they don't WANT to see or meet someone who can apparently lift weights and be successful in other aspects of life that don't require moving heavy things short distances. they are so far down one end it wouldn't matter if i started working out there everyday and was respectful and perfect.

look, if you're going to instal a LUNK ALARM in your gym, then i'm going to come in and video myself setting it off. excuse me for trying to have fun with my hobby.

deep breaths, take a chill pill, and relax.


Its funny how they have a "proper attire" to wear at their gym and if you are not wearing the required gym cloths they can not make you work out. Isn't that "judgmental" lol. They really contradict themselves...


Just like I assume most people here are into lifting and gaining muscle, I assume most of PF's clientele are out of shape and insecure. Their advertisements and mission statement alone should be enough to deduce that.


Where in Alabama?

I enjoy the UAB rec center, just wish they had a real squat rack so I could do rack pulls off that instead of stacked up 45's.....


I worked out at a PF for a few months, early in my training days. it's the most hypocritical place i've seen in a long time, pizza mondays and bagel tuesdays? give me a break. i got yelled at once for deadlifting, apperently it wasnt permitted. i didnt listen. set off the alarm and left. its amazing for the judgement free zone to judge bodybuilders and olympic lifters... some of their radio comercials are a trip too, stereotyping big guys as not knowing anything about lifting. after i moved downstate NY i checked out a planet fitness and the place looked like a warehouse with 500 treadmills/ellipticals/etc.

they didnt have any benches from pressing nor any DB's over 50 lbs. ( the first PF i went to at least had this) get this, when i asked why they didnt have the equipment the response i recieved was " that equipment promotes the bodybuilding lifestyle, and we deem that an unhealthy lifestyle, so we do not promote it." I laughed in her face and walked out...

i refuse to ever enter one of those establishments again.


Tagged for video lulz. You need to seriously go through with this and post it up here for all of us to laugh at hahaha


dude, seriously, you have to do this and take a video, it will be hilarious

just make sure you're wearing baggy clothes and stuff - try to look fat rather than built, or they'll turn you away from what I've heard


i want to make a gym where you cant bench press anything less than 225 and the dumb bells dont go lower than 50. no tread mills either.


hahaha, yeah man, i was thinking big hoodie and sweatpants.

just gotta find someone to come in with me with the same sense of humor who won't be a pussy to film it all.