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Setting Ongoing Goals

After my first six weeks of lifting, I’ve accomplished three things.

  1. Waistline is down by 1.5 inches, so the fat’s coming off where I want it to come off and where it shows.

  2. Body fat is down from 28% at 206 pounds, to 22% at 203.5 pounds.

  3. Lean body mass is up by over 10 pounds. No bullshit – 28% of 206 is 57.68, 22% of 203.5 is 44.77, and that gives a fat loss of 12.91 pounds. Subtract the weight loss of 2.5 pounds, and you have 10.41 pounds of LBM. (This blows my mind. I would NEVER have thought this kind of LBM gain was possible without prohormones or steroids. I knew I could pack it on, just looking at my father and uncles, but I had no clue it could happen this fast.)

I know there’s no way in hell I can maintain this pace of progress, but if I could maintain it, I’d be INCREDIBLY fucking ripped in about another three months – BF around 10%, LBM up by another 20 pounds.

The question is, how rapidly do the gains tend to slow down? I want to be able to set realistic goals, but I also want to set aggressive goals that can get me where I’m going at a rapid pace. If I’ve accomplished this in my first six weeks, what sort of progress should I be able to expect in the next six weeks? And is this normal, or do I have really badass genetics?