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Setting Myself Up


I decided against dieting and will focus on bulking for a while. While I am not where I would like to be body fat wise, I think it will be the best decision to just focus on bulking.

I will be weightlifting three days a week focusing on full-body workouts. Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, which fits my schedule best as I work construction Mon-Thur.

Routine Wednesday and Sunday:

Squat variation (front or back alternating)
Bench press (pretty much always flat)
Bent-over rows with barbell
Overhead press
Pull-ups or chin-ups
Face pulls
Hanging leg raises
Grip training (either static holds with barbell or dumbbells or CoC grippers)

The one workout I am interested in setting up is my Friday routine. I want for it to be a deadlift day and perhaps an assistance exercise day where I hit areas that are not really touched upon in the other workouts, like how face pulls address imbalances created by benching and overhead pressing. I also like the idea of doing it this way because it gives me a chance to rest those areas I am hitting hard. And deadlifting is such an intense exercise that it will receive the bulk of my attention that day.

Current 1RMs at 180 lbs at 5'7":

Back squat - 285 (which is because I haven't trained it at all since I came back a few months ago. I've done it about twice for a couple sets)
Bench press - 235 (lower than it should be because of repetitive stress injuries to wrists from biking, work, and lifting. I got wrist straps recently that have helped A LOT!)
Deadlift - 385 (also totally neglected as I have only done it twice since coming back)
Overhead press - 175
Pull-ups - 5 dead-hang with 35 lbs
Chin-ups - 6 dead-hang with 45 lbs

I am not including repetition ranges for bent-over rows, hanging leg raises, grip training, or face pulls because form can vary between people and still be correct or it just isn't really a useful metric.

Hopefully this doesn't seem like I am just spewing words out of my keyboard with no rhyme or rhythm. I am hoping you guys will be able to offer advice with regards to my plan. Most of it was taken from an article on here, but partially adapted to suit my situation.

Thank you all!


I'm sure someone will definitely recommend you a program, so I won't go there, but there's definitely a few other things that might be worth considering. What are your goals and current set/rep schemes like? Listing exercise order alone doesn't tell us quite enough.

Also, you might consider changing either your Friday or Sunday workout up a bit, so you aren't doing the same workout twice in a week. This could include using different variations of your compounds (e.g. using chest-supported rows instead of BOR on one day) or changing up the set/rep scheme and/or order to give your workouts a slightly different emphasis. For example, you might do a heavy bench day with a more strength-oriented set/rep scheme followed by front squats in a higher rep fashion and do heavy back squats with lighter, high-rep incline benching the next.

I would switch up the ab work, and would throw in something like ab wheel on one of the days in place of hanging leg raises, or possibly on Fridays.

If you're going to do static DB holds for grip, you may as well do farmers walks and get some extra bang for your buck (plus, if you do them with other people, you get all competitive and try MUCH harder).

You may want to consider some ham work.

Just some random thoughts that popped into my mind as I read this.