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Setting My Goal (MMA Physique)


Greetings everybody!

First time posting here and looking for some advice on where i need to aiming. I am looking for an MMA weight class to settle on. I am reasonably educated about nutrition and workouts but i am unsure where i want to settle at and maintain.

To start with i will give some background. I am a former MARINE and when i was at my lowest weight i was 176 but was very weak i had little fat but also very little muscle and i hated how weak i felt. I started training with their MMA program they have and really enjoyed but sadly i suffered a bad knee injury and was shoved behind a desk and i regret to say i got VERY fat and lazy. Right now i am focused on dropping weight so that may get back to training as a hobby. I am a larger frame build and am looking for good weight to get to and maintain. I am thinking that i should be no lower than 205 as any lower would be very difficult for me to maintain strength. For my style preference i prefer Muay Thai for my stand up am decided on my ground game. Thank you guys very much for any assistance and advice!


The search function on this site is very useful. Also, there's a "combat" forum that you can read the posts in. Plenty of information available--no reason for you to make any more threads at this point.


Hey Vinitine, never mind ^^ that dude. The Beginners forum is for asking questions, so stick around.

Are you looking to compete eventually, or is it just for your own personal goals/guidelines?

So you know what you "should" be doing, but you've just fallen off the wagon?

How have you been training and eating most recently?

Is your knee 100% healthy again? Does it prevent you from doing any type of training (lifting or cardio)?

Your profile says you're 5'11" and 273 pounds. Is that accurate?

If so, the best weight to get to will be whatever actually leaves you with a good amount of muscle, since you said you didn't have much muscle even when you were 100 pounds lighter, and still have solid conditioning/endurance.

Depending on exactly how fat you've let yourself get, there's a very likely chance that you'll have to drop well-below 200 to get rid of enough useless bodyfat and get into "fighting shape". Have any recent pictures?

The strength issue is a whole 'nother topic, because lighter weight classes can be just as strong or stronger than some heavier dudes. But really, that's a side topic and something you can see frequently discussed over in the Combat forum here.

I think the best bet, depending on how you're currently eating and training, will be to get on a fat loss diet and targeted fat loss training plan right away and let the progress take you where it will based on how your strength and measurements are turning out.

So consider spending a few months just getting back "in shape" and then start thinking about narrowing down a particular weight class.

But just to throw some numbers around: Georges St. Pierre is 5'10", walks around at 200 and fights at 170; Rashad Evans is 5'11", walks around 220ish I believe, and fights at 205; Roy Nelson is 6'0", walks around probably 270-280 and fights at 265. They, obviously, have different physiques (ripped, soft, and fat, respectively) but they're all around your height and perform great in the cage.


Second Chris's advice.

Personally I would say focus on getting lean. Like, 15% or under lean. Put all your focus on that one goal. As a marine, I am sure you were taught the value that single-minded focus on a goal can add. So focus on 1 thing at a time. THEN focus on what you want to do with your body weight class wise. No need to get ripped to the bone, 8-pack shredded, but having a solid torso instead of a jiggly one is probably a good cut-off point. Once you're there, focus on how you feel and how strong you want to be.

Bottom line, I don't think anybody can know exactly what weight class they want to compete in if they are so far out of shape. The body changes so drastically that you may be completely surprised at where you stand after transforming yourself--THAT is the time to contemplate weight classes. Right now you can't really effectively train for fighting because you are so out of condition. Get in shape first, then start training at an MMA gym to focus on training as well as help finish off the fat loss. Then when you reach your cut-off point you can decide better how you want to proceed because you will have a much MUCH better idea of how you currently perform.

You've got an end-goal. Now set a road-map with waypoints to make sure your progress continues. In other words: set smaller goals that lead up to your main objective.


Don't you get tired of posting this? I'm sure tired of reading it in all the beginner's forums. I don't think I've ever seen a post of yours that wasn't "use the search function" related. These forums don't need policing like that. If you don't have advice to give, don't post.


If you are looking to compete in MMA and are just starting out, probably the last thing you should worry about at this stage is the weight category you will end up in. Focus on building the skills and condition, set yourself a nutrition target that causes you to drop bodyfat and check out what weight you are at when you feel ready to fight.

Your first few fights you will be jumping up and down weight classes most likely dependent on what fights are available. In low level tournaments it is pretty normal to sign a fight at one weight then turn up and find out the other guy didn't show so you are being offered a fight at another weight.

Further down the line, once you have the skills and experience you will get a better feel for what weight you feel best at and also, what is a acheivable cut for you.

If you really want a weight target to aim at (as a motivator) then 205 would be a good start. Get there, see how you look and feel then decide if you want to drop more. You should also look at measurements and strength goals, not just weight because you will of course be dropping BF and adding Muscle so the number on the scale is not telling you everything.


Awesome thank you guy very much for the advice.
Currently i am focused on fat loss and getting in shape first. I will get some pictures up of myself so you guys can get some judgement on me.

@Chris -
I am not running out in a big attempt to join the UFC but i would like to be able to particicpate in full sanctioned Amatuer level fights

Yes i did fall VERY far. Lost my motivation and just played dumb. Currently my first task was i cut out entirely all Sodas and Junk food. Meals consist of whole wheat sandwiches and lean meats with rice or baked potato. Also eat tons of carrots.

Knee is 100% for the first time in years. I have full range of motion and all its strength

The stats are accurate. To give some more detail i was weighing 176 with minimal fat and minimal muscle. I started groundfighting and eating bad i got up to about 220 and was sitting at about 22% body fat. Currently i have my goal set similar to GSP because i know that is going be a very high goal to reach and will really make me work at it

Will put up some pictures tonight hopefully and you can judge from there if i have to go low and then build later i can do that i just want to be at my best.

Again thank you guys for the help and look forward to more.