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Setting Goals

I’m somewhat new to weight training and am trying to set some reasonable goals for myself.I’ve been lifting for about two months now and have seen some results but nothing huge. I want to put on some size (nothing huge) and get my body fat down,basically just a good athletic build. The problem is I’m not sure what a logical goal to shoot for is. What kind of results to expect? I don’t want to keep getting my hopes up for results and than get discouraged as I have in the past.


Male 25
184 lbs
BF 12%

You want us to mke up goals for you???

Just trying to figure out what I REASONABLE goal should be. How much how fast can you expect to see results…

What you can reasonably attain depends upon your knowledge and resources.

We don’t know if you are a 184 pound noob, or if you have been at it long enough to find out what works for you.

Either way, shoot for about a half pound to a pound per week. Stop when you look in the mirror and are satisfied with your size.

A reasonable goal would be to continue to lift for three months, followed by four, five, six, etc.

Goals are set by you, for you. There are big goals - several years down the road - and there are smaller goals - 3 to six months out. They must be well thought out, specific, important to you, and realistic. They must also require some stretching on the part of the goal setter. For instance, “I’m going to eat six meals per day” is a goal that is certainly attainable, but not too much of a stretch.

However, “I am going to follow John Berardi’s Precision Nutrition, clean up my diet, change my body composition to no more than 10% body fat, and add 10 lbs of lean body mass by June 2007” is a reasonable goal that will require much more from you than going to McDonald’s six times per day.

Being that you have been working out for a couple months, you should set short term goals as far as the lifting goes, the nutrition, and a long term goal for where you want to go with all of this. Nothing too difficult or complex, but difficult enough so that each workout you can feel yourself getting closer to success. Don’t expect miracles overnight and you will not be disappointed. Be patient and have fun with it.

#1 get the childish mentality of “NOT HUGE” out of your head you are not going to wake up tomorrow, next month next year or three years from now HUGE. It takes a lot of doing

#2 dont limit your self set an ultimate and set that damn thing high yes maybe even unreachable and the start to get that son of a bitch and dont take no for an answer.

Now set goals, set things that will get you to that goal. also accept the negatives to that goal there are negatives to any goal. Say you want to be a distance runner well your not going to be HUGE then, with any fitness goal that is high your going to havw to train a LOT miss some things less important buddies may be doing, your going to have to be serious about nutrition. it going to have to be a lifestyle.

set those litte goals. accept the positives and the negative and go get those damn things and dont take no for an answer beleive you can and do it.

If you want to gain 10 lbs this month of lean mass well damn it DO IT!!! if you fail well shit learn from that where did you fall short fix that and GO at it again. You cant fail unless you are trying and trying is more than most and failure is part of the process.

Or hey be average your choice.