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Setting A Time To Workout?

I recently started work this week, awake at 6 AM, coming home at 4.30 PM. I’ve had trouble the first two days training at night due to exhaustion. I suppose that my body has not adjusted to these hours, as I usually slept 13 hours per day when I did not have a job during my vacation.

Anyway, when should I try to work out? I heard on this forum that Testosterone is highest in the morning, so training should be done in the morning. Besides lifting advice, listening to your experience with time management would be helpful.


Train when you can and when you will do it with the most energy and highest intensity be it 3am, like I used to do when working construction etc or middle of the night. The biggest thing DO IT and do it when you personally will be at your best. Dont try and go when T levels etc are premium. If anything prob better to NOT w/o while T levels are boosted use that time to heal, grow and progress OUT OF THE GYM


If you aren’t a morning person don’t try to convince yourself that you are going to get up at 4:30am to get to the gym. You will oversleep and tell yourself, “tomorrow” but then it will always be tomorrow and you are never at the gym.

I go right after work and get it done before I get home. It gets rid of my work stress and I get to go home and have a dinner and a shower and enjoy the rest of my evening.

Know who you are and when you will go and get things done and then do it.

If you get home from work at 4:30, eat a balanced meal right away – making sure to get some good carbs to fuel the workout. Then relax and do whatever for an hour (I read training/nutrition articles while my food digests a bit). After that, hopefully you’ll feel more energized so you can pump some serious iron.

Work out when you feel like working out. Don’t force yourself to workout at a certain time, because you won’t be excited to be at the gym, and in turn, won’t make any progress.

I would work out when you get off work. That way, you get in before the main rush of people between 5.30-6.30 and you can enjoy your evening while you rest.

I’m still trying to comprehend sleeping 13 hrs/day! That’s hybernation, not vacation…