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Setting a Dwarf on Fire


How could you be so drunk that you want to set fire to a dwarf ... and still actually be capable of doing it?

What has gone wrong in your upbringing that makes this an entry on your 'things to do' list?

At least they apologised.


Idiots. Glad to see the police are involved.


Oh, come on. Like you've never set fire to a dwarf at least once.


That's AFL and Australia for ya. Too much testosterone and tiny balls.


In all honesty, I pissed myself laughing. Made my week.


No...And if I did, I certainly didn't inhale.

I'm ashamed of myself for telling that joke!

Apparently, the idiot with the matches was setting peoples shoe laces on fire, and things sort of escalated from there. Mummy never told him it was dangerous to play with fire.

Thank God we banned fireworks in Victoria ages ago, what the dill would have done with a skyrocket just beggars belief.


was hoping and not hoping this would be about ID


Logic, there is none here.

You should go into politics.


IronDwarf would have have Bitch Slapped that bastard had he tried it on him !!!


Australia must be a strange place. In the U.S. the only thing dwarves have to worry about is occasionally getting tossed or used as a bowling ball.


I have no doubt that Wee Man from Jackass has been set on fire numerous times.


It's easier than you think, really. After a little practice and maybe three or four days of solid drinking, throw in an 8ball or two and not only does it make sense but you a virtually compelled to do it by an inner drive that won't be denied.

As for "what went wrong..." Quit being such a pessimist. Look at what went right!


Especially if you have one of these.


Holy Dogshit!



Those DAMN Minority Aborigines! It's ALWAYS these darker colored troublemakin', Spear chuckin'...oops,
my bad, their all White.


Their all white what?


People...we need to stop this white on white crime ''down under'' this instant!

I met one of the original TWOO Munchkins ''Meinhardt Raabe' 'at a hotel I worked at years ago...he was dressed in a chef's uniform,
chef's hat....drove up in the Oscar Mayer "weiner mobile"....'thing is, I didn't know til the next day when he left he was fuckin' Munckin.

DAMN I was pissed...'coulda taken my picture with him, an autograph, something...DAMN, now I'm pissed off all over again.
See what you did Varq....lol....he was the ''Coroner'' in the movie.

"As coroner I must aver, I thoroughly examined her, And she's not only merely dead, she's really most sincerely dead,"

Midgets rule.


Can't decide if this is an offensive troll or just an idiot. Possibly both. Is your pointy hat too tight?


The last time I got that drunk the missus moved in, talk about scared sober!

As for what went wrong...the man ended up playing for the Saints! I'm thinking he left 'what went wrong' well behind him and went backwards fast. We are talking staring and drooling into the Abyss.


I ask myself the same thing every time I see one of his posts.

My vote is for "both".


He has not mastered the quote function.

I am very judgy when it comes to that.

His special brand of bigotry is of no concern to me until that issue is resolved.