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I’m very confused on how many sets to do per workout and per body part. If I do chest, tri’s and shoulders on the same day do I only do 5 sets for each, since you are supposed to only do 12-15 sets in a workout? This is something that has never been clear to me. Thanx

I don’t think there’s a cut and dry answer to your question like “Do 15 sets every workout”. For example, yesterday I did 8 sets of snatch deadlifts because I was only doing 4 reps per set at a heavier weight( so I did alot of sets). I think it also depends on how long you’ve been training, your recovery ability, etc. Try some of the different workouts you can find on this site and see what you like best! Also Christian Thibaudeau (Whom I highly respect) has a cool article on Drsquat.com called “High Tension Training”, which may help answer your question. Late

There’s a million ways to look at it. One,it depends on what body part you may be trying to prioritize at the time. You could do 6 or 8 sets for chest, 2 sets for shoulders,and 4 for triceps. You have actually done a lot of indirect work for the shoulders and triceps,therefore you could slack back on the sets. Just an example. With the 5 sets for each, you’d really be nailing your tri’s and shoulders since they’re heavily involved in the chest work. Throw some heavy back work in,and you can see why the shoulders are the most overworked bodypart in strength training.