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Sets x Reps or Ramp up to One Set?

I have been doing stronglifts 5x5 for 4 months. I really like this routine but I dont like 5x5. I would like switch 5x5 to ramp up to one set (5-8 reps). Right now I am with squat 82kg 5x(5,5,3,3,1) and I am really tired and I think I go to gym hurt myself instead of getting better (I eat well (gained 12lbs per 2 months), sleep well, but work as a labour picking heavy things).

So I would start like this:
Ramp up
10 x Bar
8 x 50% of work weight
6 x …
4 x…
2 x…
1 x 90%
100% (work set - 82kg) x 5 reps, continue with this weight every workout when I reach 8 reps, add weight for all exercises.

I like this idea that I can concentrate for one set, save time, not drain my body…

Do you think it is good idea?

Thank you

Just do 2 working sets if tired. 6 to 8 reps.

Excessive amount of warm up . Rest period between work sets?

That’s plenty of time to be on this program. I’d suggest moving to a better program.

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If your top weight is 185lbs I’d warm up like this:

185 --> top set.

You’re pretty much asking does this work.

And yes it does.

Coach Carter uses 8 and 12 for floor and ceiling values. But I have used 5-10. And seen progress.

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I been doing this for my wife lately. She wants to squat every single session, so I’ll have her work up to a top set of 8-12 and 3x8 of 50-70% of that 8-12 working weight on other days