Sets/Reps Selection Table

So i’ve seen a video on youtube which made me think about optimal sets and reps and training in multiple ranges both in volume and intensity.

The table is basically like this:

  1. primary strength 3-6 sets 1-5 reps 80%+
  2. secondary strength 3-4 sets 4-6 reps 70-80%
  3. primary assistance 2-4 sets 6-10 reps
  4. hypertrophy 2-3 sets 10-15+ reps

Based on that legs would look something like this:
Back squat 5x5
Stiff leg deadlift 3x6
Goblet squat 3x10
Lunges 2x15

My question is, is it worth to adapt such into a training program or its better to go with a more generic 5x5?

Even thought I dont completely agree the rep/set thinking behind this, I think this is decent movement selection.

For linear progression: program only movements 1 and 2, and do rest just by feel.

Do one big lift per training day (sqt, bench, dl, press for ex.) and dont kill you self with the weights! (Start with easy weights, first couple weeks should not be very hard).

Yeah Heavy main lift, then high reps for assistance is as tried and true as it gets. Once in a while can even play around and go very high reps for the final move 5x20, 2x30-50, 100 rep finisher etc

I alredy do that, i made a push pull leg split for myself where i built the entire routine around squat bench and deadlift(i cant do much yet for ohp because of past injuries).

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Im also thinking about time management changes. For example yesterday i was in the gym doing squats and i got a phone call i needed to hurry, so i googled squat finishers it led me to 20 rep squat challange…well it was probably the best leg workout i had in months even tho all i did was 1 heavy set of squats. :smiley: