Sets/Reps for Sled Dragging

Hey, recently started dragging the sled and loving it. It is awesome.

We drag it behind our gym up and down this alley. I’m not sure the distance; maybe 30 ft and back. So a total of ~60 feet (very rough estimate, totally guessing).

So far I’ve loaded it with 200lbs, 245lbs, and 300lbs. I think 245 is my weight because it’s challenging, yet not as slow as 300.

My question: what do you guys recommend? How much weight do you use, how far do you pull it, how much rest in between sets?

Any and all advice is appreciated. Thanks.

I think it depends on what your goals are…

I’m using the sled because it’s basically the only cardio I do. Otherwise, I don’t do any cardio, other than lifting. So conditioning is my goal.

I guess I’m looking to compare myself to others to see where I stand and to see if I’m working hard enough.

I drag 245 for sets of 4 laps. So I drag it as fast as I can for a distance (~60 feet) then rest, repeat 3 more times.

This is very taxing, but I see myself bumping up the amount of sets/laps soon.

Just looking for ideas. I’ve only done the sled 2 sessions.

The weight doesn’t matter. The FRICTION matters. I drag a sled made out of an old tire (25 lbs). With 50 lb. added and on short, dry grass, it pulls easy. On long, wet grass the sucker doesn’t move. Hard packed, and sun baked clay is like concrete and the sled will skip over it. If it’s wet just the tire is a challenge. Get the picture??? Use your imagination and use a WIDE VArIETY of drags. I pull with 2 rings and a 5’bar. The variations are limitless.
You’re right about sled dragging being a great workout.


I would also try pushing the sled instead of dragging it, but both should be good. For pure cardio I guess it doesn’t really matter what you do as long as you get your heart rate going, but I wouldn’t want it to be too heavy because I think the speed is important.



Any more comments? Where are all the sled-draggin fools at?

Beyond just dragging and pulling, you could mix it up with some smaller movements (pretty m uch anything you can think of. Lighten the weight a bit and just go continuously…

Over the shoulder drag down
Row-step-row back
pull through - step - pull through down
face pull - step - face pull back
Curls, trunk rotations, shoulder cuff stuff, whatever…

And you moving around while doing the movements. It ain’t hardcore lifting, but it gets you moving you body, using the muscles and perhaps breathing heavy.

Thanks. Those are some good ideas, especially the pull-throughs; never thought of that.

So you think the focus should be on continuous movement, meaning longer intervals? Or I guess anything goes.

I’ll just have to experiment more.

What is a good amount of work, though? 20 mins., 30 mins.?

I use the sled for conditioning and overall GPP. Like you, this is the only aerobic work I do to compliment my powerlifting training. With that said, I don’t go very heavy with it. I load up 100 lbs. (including the weight of the sled) and drag it for 200 feet with my back to the sled and walking as upright as possible on the heels of my feet. I’ll rest 30 seconds and then turn around and go back. I’ll do this for 4 laps for a total of 800 feet.

Next, I’ll turn around so that I am facing the sled and walk backwards to have the impact more on my quads. I’ll do this for 2 trips of 200 feet.

When you get bored with the sled you can try loading up the wheel barrel or pushing your car/truck around the block. That always gets unwanted attention from the neighbors.

[quote]TravisCS84 wrote:
Or I guess anything goes.[/quote]

The duration depends on you and your training. I’d build up to longer runs and, likely, longer workouts and go from there…

My training partners and I use the sled both as a warmup for squatting and as GPP. Normally, we start out with one 45# plate and drag it with a neck harness both forward and backwards. The sled weighs about 45# empty and the distance around my backyard is approx. 80 yards.

After neck work, we switch to a regular pulling harness and start adding weight. Last leg workout, I finished dragging and promptly puked my dinner. That was before we started squatting. From now on, no more chili burritos within 3 hours of a workout.