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Sets/Reps for Full Body Workout


For the last couple of months I have been following an upper/lower split and would like to get back to doing fullbody workouts 3x a week. I was wondering how many sets/reps would be necessary to continue growing.


it all depends on what rep ranges work best for your body. give us alittle background on what works for you and what exercises you may be interested in and we'll try and give you some good advice.


12 reps for legs
10 reps for back
8 reps for chest
6 reps for arms

This isn't the word of God but it's a good guideline I think if you don't have a clear goal of being a strength athlete, a bodybuilder, or whatever.

Some people would argue that you should do 3 and maybe 4 working sets with these reps. Others would argue that you only do one working set with these reps.

I would argue that you warm up and do 1 working set with these reps.


Well only 1 is necessary, anything less than that and you aren't working out haha. For a beginner I'd have them to 2-3 work sets per bodypart between 6-12 reps. 4-5 exercises per workout.


Obviously there is no 'right' answer to this question. How many reps you'll use, how many rep ranges you'll use across the entire program, and other programming variables depend on many things.

But that said, many simple full-body plans have been built around squatting, benching, and pulling for heavy sets of 5. It works well because you get a nice blend of sufficient volume for hypertrophy, and sufficient intensity to teach you how to get tight and lift heavy weights. Look at something like Rippetoe's 'Texas Method' for an example of how to set everything up.