Sets/Reps for Ab Wheel?

Hey all so i been doing the Ab wheel for a week now i been aiming for 3 sets of 8 reps. I would like to know if this is good? im doing the exercise on my knees i want to work up strength and to be able to do it while standing. Also am i overdoing it? on my knees i can only get a full range of motion for 8 on the first set. Once i get to the Second set i start losing range of motion. Can i continue the workout by doing as much range of motion as i can until i hit 8. Or is this considered over training? I do this 3 times a week. Would you reccomend another set and rep scheme? Or is what im doing good.

Overthinking alert. Your other muscle groups can handle much more than 3x8 total in reps can’t they? No its not overtraining, its just that your abs are weak. Would rather you so full range of motion on each rep and just get as many reps as you can in each set, whether that 8 or less than 8. You can also add some hanging leg raises or pulldown a to this routines.

yeah i am doing stronglifts 5x5 just started, Well i did the program once but i kinda messed up and i noticed there was not much core strengthening on the program. i will continue the 3x8 for now 3 times a week sounds reasonable.

It is no where near over training. Most of my leg/back exercises kill my abs, and on top of that I do weighted ab exercises twice a week, four sets each day.

3 times a week is not too much…just try to alter your days…3x8, 5x5, 1 set to failure as an example…I have been doing ab wheels from the toes for years…It really helps to mix it up. There is no better ab or core workout

in honour of the natural or not thread… “Write me an abs program NOW”

15-20 reps x for a few sets , from the knees.

Though i cant go from the feet to save my life, quite difficult.

[quote]Field wrote:
15-20 reps x for a few sets , from the knees.

Though i cant go from the feet to save my life, quite difficult.[/quote]
I want one now… What brand/where did you get yours? Is there a brand anyone here recommends/ a place to get them?

dont get one with a cheap plastic handle…it gone soon…get metal parts if possible.
about doing from the feet…I imagine its really hard for the bigger brutes…me being a tiny wimp its much easier.

I LOVE my ab wheel

I use a short bar, with 5kg a side to roll on. I do 3 sets x max (12-15) twice a week from knees.

I think you’re over thinking it!