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Sets, Reps, and %s Help!

Im going to be starting up Chad Waterbury’s Total Strength Program in the summer…And im looking at the Sets, Reps, and 1RM %s for each lift…so my question is this…If the exercise says…

5sets X 3reps at 85%of1RM

Lets say my 1RM is 300lbs just for kicks, and 85% would be 255lbs…

So does that mean all 5 sets of 3 Reps are using 255lbs or am i finishing on my 5th set with 255???

this may seem like a super easy question but im just a little confused about it thats all…im reading it as all 5 sets use 255lbs but i just wanna be sure…thanks guys

You’ve read it right.

beautiful, thanks alot…i just wanted to be sure cuz its defintely way to hard of a workout to do wrong…thanks