Sets, Reps and % for deads.

I decided to do a 1RM on my deadlifts the other day, I hit 147.5kg (324.5lbs) and missed 150kg (330lbs) mainly due to my grip giving out.

Assuming I work on my grip strength, what would be the best set, reps and %RM scheme to follow to up my Deadlift. I’ve not really trained for strength specifically before.

I want to try and not use straps at all, so I’m doing farmers walks after my deads.

I have started really focusing on deads as well. My 1RM is 475lbs right now, however, this is with straps. Ever since I have started doing a lot of rack pulls and deadlifts I have been wanting to increase my 1RM and I found my grip to be a limiting factor. Even my training partner would try some of the weights and he’s got a stronger back and his grip would give out sometimes, albeit not all the time. This guy has pretty jacked forearms and has done a lot of grip work previously.

I’m all for having a super-strong grip but like any other thing in the gym it takes work and time and I really don’t want my progress on deadlifts to be hindered by it so I have started using straps regularly. I also have started doing grip work but its going to take a while before it catches up, if ever.

My back workouts are just better with straps.

Wanting to have bigger DL numbers is totally different than wanting to get a good back workout let me say that. If you want to work you DL i would start by working your hamstrings and glutes…by this i mean Stiff Leg DL’s, GHR, Back Ext., next i would start doing some goodmornings to hit your post. chain. When you are going to actually DL (1 time a week) i would only pull singles…using around 225 lbs just so you can focus on your form. From saying you can’t hold on to weight like that i’m thinking your not powerlifting all the time…so you need to start doing all your pulling without straps until you get to the point you can’t hold the bar at all.

6-20 singles at anywhere from 45-70% pulled for speed 1 rep every 30 seconds while standing on a 4 inch box, add doubled mini bands to really up your deadlift fast.