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Sets and Weights App

Is there an app that will let me plug in a number and then let me work off of percentages of that number?

Right now I am doing it from Google Sheets which works but I mean a phone app would be pretty cool.

I want to be able to customize the percentages and choose sets etc.

Something like this…

I was browsing but a lot seemed like full on trackers and with little customization of the percentages or number of sets.

Excel for mobile? I use it on my HTC.

Do you need internet for that?

I use google sheets but I need internet.

Not once you’ve downloaded and installed it I don’t think, as long as the file is stored on your device.

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Thank you, that is going to have to work for google sheets somehow too.

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MyStrengthBook works well for that, but it’s a web page not an app. I am able to use it on mobile no problem though.