Setbacks and Repeated Injuries

I’ve been lifting weights for the past 10 years. I didn’t really know what I was doing as far as training goes until around 4 years ago when I discovered there is a point to working out your lower body. I discovered T-Nation about 2 years ago and really got my training dialed in and started doing primarily compound lifts just to get my weight up.

The bummer is, since I was 17 I’ve been having repeated dislocations that always put me out of weight training for at least 4 weeks and usually more. I’ve probably dislocated my left at least 15 times and my right I just dislocated for the second time. I’ve had two surgeries on my left and now very well might have to have surgery on my right. I’ve always wanted to get up to 200 pds and this is the closest I’ve gotten.

As of last Tuesday I weighed 192… almost there, down from 162 after my last surgery. I swore that I would never dislocate a shoulder again. This has happened countless times now. Every time I dislocated my shoulder I drop to 155-165. Unfortunately, muscle memory doesn’t work as quickly as one might think.

Anyone else have any stories of repeated injuries that have set you back from your goals? I swear, I should be at least 210 by now god damnit.