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Set-Ups (Wrestling)

I was wondering what are some of the setups (for a takedown) people around here use in grappling/wrestling. Personally I feel like this is a weak point of mine, and I mainly use under hooks, some head snapping, Russian 2 on 1, and I’m trying to get better at simply faking one leg, shooting on the other. Any insight would be helpful. Thanks

Ok Ill throw you a bone or two.

this is for non-MMA wrestling…
and I will assume this is for freestyle/folk/grappling and not greco
Greco work will make your other work better but that is another thread

I will over simplify

before we even get into set ups- you can control and encourage certain responses

on the feet I am going to dictate where my opponent goes

If I want you to come to me I am moving away (usually not in a straight line)
If I want you to move back I am moving forward
I like to stalk I take big steps moving in a crescent cutting the mat with footwork

push/bump him away and he will step in
pull him forward he will move back

I am a FIRM believer in wrist control
also I am very BIG on grip/hand fighting/positioning
I use wrist control quite heavily

evaluate your skills-
are you strongest in the clinch-
are you more of a folk/hs style low stance

I use my palms *allot *
pay attention here

if I keep my palm facing up fingers pointing down,
most people look at it, they watch it, it is a mistake.

I keep it out front and use it to keep them at arms length- (bent arms)
its more work for them to get under your hands whey one of them even if extended is pointing down even in this position elbows are always tucked and I am never reaching

often I put my other palm on their forehead- and most people immediately want to go for it.
and open up or rise in levels when they do so

both pals up with fingers pointing down seems like a very defensive position
but way I am looking for pummeling under over or under hooks.

baiting. If I can get away with it I will bait with my wrists out- usually one wrist palms neutral
I will bait and stalk alternately

be as physical as your rules allow, most people dont like that either

practice pummeling pummel to the body and pummel to the head.

Use your head.
not for head buts- but learn to use your head position
how to drive with your head , how to recover position with head position
practice take downs with our your hands and this becomes apparent quickly

all of the above happen allot faster then you think-
if I am cutting the mat that much its usually because they have excellent take down defense and I want them to clinch-

here is a video of Leroy Smith giving some very basic pointers

I think that is plenty.


Thank you that was excellent. And yes, I did not mean any greco setups; I do train a little bit of greco, but Im more of a freestyle/folkstyle guy

I take a lot of my shots from open, but there are a lot more intricacies in an open shot than most people think. My main plan of attack is to come in HEAVY hand fighting and wrist fighting, then I back away. My opponent will come back in expecting more heavy hand fighting, when I drop down for a low single.

For my high crotch, I usually get it from an underhook, feigning a shot, pounding the head, then depending on how heavy he reacts I either fake a single and pound again or throw him over and go for the high crotch. Its more or less the same from an inside tie (I don’t like high crotches from outside tie, but some people do) except that an underhook is a more dominant position, thus making it just a little bit easier.

I also do a lot of drags. I usually bust a drag out half way into the first period, hopefully getting a takedown. Either way, from then on he will over react to my drag attempts and those leave him open to other shots.

On wrestlers where im having a hard time getting him to react to my set ups, I will stalk back into him and wait for him to post up on my shoulder, where I’ll take the wrist and look for a high crotch or a single. I don’t like to sit with wrist control for long, because he has almost as many options for scoring when you have hist wrist as you have against him. From wrist control I fake drags and look for singles to the other side.

OR if you’re a super cool wrestler you can Russian tie inside trip to a spladle…

heh, I like using tie ups and snap downs…my favorite position to get to on the feet is a front headlock-I’m always looking for it. I’m kind of a beat your head into the wall kind of guy so my set ups tend to be a snapdown, some wrist control to spin, and a shot…and, probably most importantly, reshoot, reshoot, and reshoot.

Its nice to hear different perspectives on sets; for example I never really thought about heavy hand fighting, backing off, and then low single. Definitely going to try that next practice…

Thai clinch (double neck tie) can be a valuable set up for doubles