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Set Up Training Around Weak Muscle Groups????


ok, I'm doing a westside variant routine. I just got The Vault download ebook from elite fts and it says to work your weak muscles with more volume to get stronger and increase your work capacity.

I discovered that my lats and upper back (probably as is of most people) is my weak point. on Day 1 I do my bench day, which consist of a ME movement, then a supplement movement, triceps, lats, and upper back.

Now the question is can I split my upper back and lats within 3 days by doing

Day 1 Bench Day and keying in on my upper back exercises like external rotations, face pulls, band pull aparts, reverse flys etc etc.... without doing lat dominant ecercises such as low rows and pull downs/pull ups

Day 2 doing my lat dominant exercises such as low rows and pull downs increasing volume every week by doing 4x10 week 1, 4x15 week 2, 4x20 week 3

and then Day 3 would be my ME Squat and Deadlift day but start with high volume upper back work like mondays upper back workout.

Would this work??? or would my Squat suffer from too much back work??? b/c I know how important your upper back strenght is for your squat




20 mins =Self-indulgent bump of the year?


Westside is designed around strengthening weaknesses. What template are you using?


Sorry, i barely have any extra time to spend in front of a computer, I wasnt sure when id get to see a response. Luckily all the flooding in Northeastern PA still has me trapped in my house for another day.


Basic Template instead I do Bench day as my first ME day and I dont have time to fit in seperate days for DE work, so I do DE Squat and DE Bench on the same day and add accessory work for the full body

Day 1 ME Bench

Day 3 ME Squat

Day 5 DE Bench and Squat

Day 6+7 just rehab work with jumpstretch bands


Go for it. Just make sure you're sticking with the program.