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Set Some New PR's Today!

Well, I’ve been working on a Westside template for the past two months and today we tested our 1RM’s.

Prior to this, I had been doing a variety of strength programs since April (as listed in my “Nate Dogg in Training” thread in the Photo Forum).

I’m proud to say that I have set new RM’s for my lifts. It may not be huge to others, but for me and all I’ve been through, this is an accomplishment. My goals are beyond this in the next few months.

Squat: 300
Bench: 225 (ties my best years ago)
Deadlift: 340

I did this at my current weight of 158lbs.

My near future goals include:

Squat: 320-330
Bench: 245-250
Deadlift: 350-365

Well done Nate, keep up the good work.

Congrats! New P.B.s kick ass.

Awesome numbers, Nate. Keep it up!

A new P.R. always feels awesome, doesn’t it?

Good stuff mate, keep it up!

I’m gonna hit the gym today and do the same.

Congrats Nate!

Are you still bulking or cutting?


good job!

[quote]Brendan B wrote:
Congrats Nate!

Are you still bulking or cutting?


I’m not try to bulk or cut specifically. I’m somewhat on maintenance at the moment.

I’m currently tweaking my diet to utlimately pack on a little mass and get a little leaner. My training is consistent throughout. I’ve actually lost a few pounds in the last month, but I can’t see or feel the difference, and it hasn’t affected my strength gains at all.

Great job man!!!

Nice work, Nate!

Congrats man, and good luck on your way to your goals.

Thanks guys!

way to go Snoop’s brother!

Nice deadlift man!