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Set/Rep Bible, Rotating Training Parameters

Having trouble understanding the article on this subject . It says and I quote ( Study these parameters before your next training phase. Plan them before every workout and rotate them throughout the week. Don’t perform the same parameters for two consecutive workouts ) . Is it saying to rotate parameters per traning phase sets and reps or to rotate all 3 different training phase parameters at once per week ?

You would do well to add a link for the article in questing.

Oops you’re right … https://www.t-nation.com/training/set-rep-bible

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Decide what you’re trying to accomplish, then figure out which “parameters” to use. Then rotate the rep ranges.

For “strength” you could go 8 sets of 3, then next workout 7 sets of 4. Then 10 sets of 3, followed by 8 sets of 4 in the fourth workout.

If you wanted “strength” and “hypertrophy” you could do 8 sets of 3 on strength day, then 4 x12 on hypertrophy day. Then 10 x 3 next strength workout and 5 x 10 next hypertrophy workout.

Or whatever combinations you can come up with.

Waterbury has written Tons of great articles explaining these ideas in more detail.

Or already written programs, built on these ideas, you can just follow.

thanks explanation appreciate the info and knowledge .

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