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Set Pudding Pie

I’ve tried making pudding pies w/ protein powder a couple times, but haven’t had much luck.

I use fat free pudding mix (tried mult. brands), and tried subbing the milk w/ protein powder. Every time, it never sets… even when I add like 3-4 extra scoops for the recommended amount of water.

I am trying to avoid fat and dairy in this, so adding peanut butter or yogurt aren’t the best options. Do I just add less water? Am I missing something? Or do I just need to suck it up?

Mayby try adding some unflavored gelatin.

Using whey???

Try using casein.

The more water you add, the runnier it gets.

Easiest recipe is water, cornstarch, protein powder. Put everything in a pot, medium heat, stir with whisk until desired consistency. Too thick? add water. Too thin? add cornstarch. Not chocolaty enough? Add protein powder.

Pour in pre baked pie crusts. Let cool (put in fridge once cooled down). Enjoy.