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Set Negatives?


I have heard that when you are stuck at a max on bench that negatives are a great way to get over the hump, is this true? Are negatives really that effective? thanx


There are many, many plateau busters. Negatives are but one of them. Not my favorite, but they can be effective with a good training partner and a real understanding of what it is you are trying to accomplish.


what are some other ways to break out of a plateau? thanks



The most effective way for me to break out of a plateau is always to find my weakness and give it special focus.
Changing rep scheme, exercise selection, etc are all valid ways to get over the "hump"



More information is obviously needed.

Describe what weights you're at, the types of training methods you've been using lately, and what exactly the plataue is, is it reps or increasing weight. What happens when you fail, etc, etc.

I bet you might even answer your own question!


I agree with you 100%. You need to understand a problem before you can fix it.