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Set My BP PR This Morning


I just finished CW's WM program last week and took the first few days of this week off. I'm 5'6" and 163 lbs. Decided to go for a BP PR and did 280, no stalling or excessive bridging. Was going to go for 285 but since I had no one to spot me, I didn't. I THINK I could have gotten it because 280 felt pretty good.

Man, I'd love to get to 315 one day. Just thought I'd share the news because I have no one else but T-Nation to share it with. I guess I could have told my wife, but why bother, and all my 2-year-old daughter cared about this morning was Big Bird.


Congrats!! Keep up the good work!!


Very nice! That's a nice amount of weight too. If you did 280 pretty easily and without a spotter, I'm sure you're good for a bit more.

I'd be happy getting 250lbs or more, especially since I'm similar in size to you (5'4", 160ish). But I've never been a strong bencher.


Keep it up, man.



Thx Nate...I wouldn't necessarily say 280 was easy, but I felt like I had a little more in the tank. Before I tried it, I set up a bench in the rack so I could really go for it but the pin placements were either too high or too low...I was pissed. Anyway, I don't know if I would have gotten 285. If you're like me, sometimes adding 5 lbs. feels like 25 lbs.


Thx Nate...I've been checking out your thread over the past week or so. Very impressive work, buddy.


LOL! Yeah, I know that feeling. Amazing, isn't it?


Nice job! PR's really can light the fire for a few weeks of solid training.


Good job, man!