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Set a New Squat PR Last Night


I'm feeling great, I got 315 for my max last night. My previous was 275 so I am feeling pretty good.

I know it's not all that but to me it feels good....



If it is a lot to you, then it is a lot. You shouldn't be judging your accomplishments on anyone else.

Remember, PR stands for personal record.

Good job on getting to a new PR. Keep up the work and let us know about the next one.



Congrats! Keep em coming. Next stop, 365! I bet you were walking around the gym with a huge shit-eatin grin on your face, weren't you?


Heck I still am this morning. I really do feel great about it, there are only a hand full of people in my gym that can do that.


Thats great any particular lift routine used to build up to that 5x5,8x3 ? Thats an area Im working on right now and success in these areas are of interest


Well Legs were something I always neglected. Since we have been back in the gym I've been using Chad Waterbury's programs. First we did 10x3 then the TBT program. I think the biggest reason for improvement is just squating more, and trying to go heavier than normal.

I'm not on any special strength program and alot of it could be contributed to Newbie gains I suppose. Either way it still felt good.

Oh, the only thing I would suggest is make sure your doing full squats for every rep, I think the full rom really helped alot.


Nice going! A PR is a PR. When people get all worked up on here about certain weights being "weak", I find that just idiotic. Everyone is different with different goals.

Seriously man, great going, especially since it was a 40 lbs jump from your previous best.




How long did it take to make the 40 lb jump?

What are your next goals?

Good job,


I've had somewhat of a messed up work out history. I'm 28 now. I worked out through most of high school, mostly when not doing sports and I really did not work legs correctly. This off and on carried through to about 21. Around 21 I got serious, although wrong, about training and put on decent gains, I could bench about 285 and weighed about 180. Again no leg work. About age 23 I met my wife and stopped lifting from then till about age 26. I then got back into it for about six months and hit legs hard, this is when I hit 275 on Squat, I also stopped again.

We have been back in the gym now for about six months and this is my first max since our return. So I can't really tell you how long it took, I can say I have been working lower body very hard the past six months and I am seeing the best gains of my life. I am also not going to failure and doing full body workouts 3 times a week.

That is probably not much help for a timeline but it is a truthful as I can be.

My next goal?? That is a tough one. I'd have to say it is to continue to grow. I don't really have a stregnth goal, I guess it would be to bench 315 and squat 405 for now..

I'm currently weighting about 195, I'd like to drop a bit of fat and get up to around 215-230 eventually.


Great job keep it up.


Good stuff, and I think your strength goals are good ones. They are balanced and when you hit them, the size physique will be there. You can get a physique and have no strength, but if you have strength, the physique just comes.

Good luck,


Congratulations Todd!

Keep up the great work.


Thanks guys.. I'm so stoked. I just tried my max bench tonight and I got 295, that just rocks..

I have to give credit to T-Nation though, I am getting much faster gains than ever before.


Time and persistance....just be patient.

I was at a 1RM Squat of 315 one year ago when I started on T-Nation, and now I'm at 5X400 (estimated 450 1RM)

Keep at it....and keep working the back, going deep, knees out, head up, good form.

Oh, and if you haven't done box squats, they will boost your numbers significantly.


it's a great feeling to get that third wheel. i just recently hit a 315 front squat PR , so we've got something in common!