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Set a Deadlift PR: 405Lbs at 137


Did 405 conventional style today with powerlifting belt. Hardest thing I ever did all the blood rush to my head got blinded kinda hard to focus on things for like 20 mins or so. Anyone of you experience anything like that?


Yeah, it happens. 20 minutes is a long time to be out of it though.

Interestingly enough i passed out today for the same reason. It was strange, i was deadlifting for the first time at my home gym and the floor isn’t quite even so i think one side of the weight was higher than the other. I think that’s what made it so difficult, i was going for a triple. I got it to knee level on the first rep, set it down, stood up, then fell backwards and hit my head on the fence.

Good times.


Been there. 20 mins is a long time. BREATHE, partner!


That’s a real nice lift @ 137, congrats. Throw on 6 more lbs next week and you’ll have a 3 x bw DL.


Video is always nice!


thats a hell of a lift!!!


I will post a video of 3x bw deadlifting in couple of weeks. I never experiment in the sumo deadlift. I got long legs for my body, I think that will be suited for me to left more can’t wait for my body to recovery to try it. How many of you could left more in sumo then conventional?