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Session Time Limit?


About 10 years back the MAX-OT program advocated doing no more than 45 mins per workout, and this included stretches and plate changes. Any more, and the excess would simply be burned calories, not extra muscle mass/strength.

But if you're on a cut, doesn't this make perfect sense to go to an hour, or even 90 minutes?


There's another thread about this exact same topic on the first page...

Edit: It's in the Beginners forum, but still...beating a dead horse here


I think the limit is 24 hours


I thought it was three days after you first watched the video?


There is no 'limit' as long as your diet and recovery can support what you're doing in the gym.



Well that felt fucking great!! Paced myself nicely, most of my lifts went up a few reps from last week. Session lasted over an hour, but don't know exactly.

Cheers Jase/Stu !!