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What is the deal with this stuff? Any truth to it helping to rid the body of nasty fat?


Try google.


Once upon a time I tried it, but I didn't notice anything.


No kidding... Done that wanted to get a feel for those who may have done it on this forum.


If you check the goendurance.com site you can find a review of it.


The thing I question on these products is the reported DROP in libido that comes along with the intake of the sesamin. That IMO is NOT a good thing. Most usually good fat intake can lead to a rise in libido and hence T levels.

Something to check out at least.


Sesamin is not fat but rather a lignan which in theory acts as an agonist at PPAR. Fibrates like bezafibrate show the same side effects.


Thanks Man. I will note that. My mistake.

None the less a side effect I want NO part of.


I hear ya. I took sesthin for about 3 months while dieting last year and didn't notice jack from it. I think the bioavailability in humans is questionable.