Serving/Doses in One Bottle Of Mag-10

Anyone know how many serving/doses are in one bottle of Mag-10?


The label says fourteen. But over the span of three bottles, I painstakingly filled and brimmed two medical 5 ml spoons per serving, without losing a drop (I punched the little hole out, left the remaining seal over the top, and carefully poured it into the spoon drop by drop.) Then I’d make a hashmark for every serving on the bottle as a record.

Now each serving is listed at 9 ml, but as I was using 2 brimmed spoons of 5 ml, I was theoretically doing 10 ml per serving, for one extra ml. You’d think I might lose a total serving that way over the life of the bottle.

Well, somehow I totalled fifteen servings, in spite of the “extra” ml. For the first bottle, I thought it was an anomaly. But I got fifteen servings out of all three bottles doing the same thing.