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Server Room Heath Effects


I work in our server room. Been doing so for 6-7 years now.

Is there any health related effects from this type of environment?

I know there are a lot of computer guys on this site so if you have something to say or links. I would love to hear it.


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6 or 7 years?

Do you have any health effects yet?


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Only thing I've heard of is that you might go blind.

Edit - Oh and Hairy palms.


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I will comment later ... I am going reserve the answer on this one. But yes I think I might.


It's great place to be in the summer. Health effects be damned!


Nice and cold that is for sure!


Ozone certainly causes cancer.

It's generated by a lot of electronic stuff. Copiers and printers for certain, such that there are now workplace rules about vents.


Got links on that?


If the HVAC was designed for workers in the server room, there should be a minimum fresh air requirement; if the HVAC was designed for cooling equipment only, I do not know if the mechanical code would still require the same level of fresh air.


I will spill the beans

The air is really really really dry... The air comes from our warehouse and its sometimes dirty and dry as hell.

My nasal cavities are crusty by they end of the day. By the end of the week I get head aches really bad ones.

Also the noise is getting on my nerves(14 servers with 2 window air conditioners). I notice it more and more now. This causes anxiety etc etc.

Also immune response is messed up. I catch everything thing around if I workout really hard.

I am starting to wonder if my work environment has something to do with it.


I would imagine your work environment does have something to do with it. What a shitty working environment, even if you're in IT.

Why do you need to be in the server room all the time? I understand needing to go in periodically if there's a problem, but is it simply an office space issue that requires you to be in there? Maybe you can request sharing a space with another IT staff person if a space of your own is not an option.


During college Summers I worked in a shop that produced big welded steel rings for tires, aircraft engines, and a whole bunch of other things. We clocked in at 6AM on the dot or were docked pay and worked to 4PM with a 30 minute lunch break, and a 15 min break at 10AM. All day was spent with ear plugs in, heavy gloves, leather aprons, burn proof sleeves and potentially more shit to protect from weld-spray and whatever else, goggles and sometimes a full face shield.

First couple days there, I would come home and hallucinate from the sensory deprivation I experienced all day. I would blow pure blackness out of my noise when I got in the shower and it would still be there during the weekend. I still have a couple burn scars, that I didn't even feel at the time because it was so hot it just seared the nerves right off.

More than half the guys chain smoked cigarettes all day and had the jacked forearms you've ever seen from hoisting and moving heavy metal parts all day.

Not once did I hear a complaint about their working situation, or if it was adversely affecting their health.


Capitalizing the last letter of a sentencE.




These are the classic symptoms of over-exposure to ozone.

" Photocopiers create ozone through their "corona wires" that apply a charge to the paper so the ink will cling to it. However, newer models use a different system to reduce the amount of ozone produced by the machine. The average ozone emitted is 40 µg/copy. At peak production, it is 131 µg/copy.1 Ozone levels can reach dangerous levels in small, poorly ventilated copying rooms since it can cause headaches, and irritate the eyes, nose, throat and lungs."




That's also how I first read the server part of the title, so the comprehensive STD panel came to mind, health-wise...


Are these symptoms a recent thing or have they been present on/off throughout these past years?