Serum Levels of Propionate vs. Enanthate

Hey all,

There’s a lot written about the half lives of Prop vs. Enth, but I’m trying to understand how dosages related to blood levels given that.

For ex, if I compare 250mg E3d of Enth (583mg/wk) vs. 83mg ED of Prop (also 583mg/wk), and let’s say Enth’s halflife is 10 days and Props is 2, wouldn’t blood levels be radically different because the enth would build up on itself way more than the Prop? I know these numbers wouldn’t be right, but in essence it seems like by the third shot of Enth you’d still have:

125mg - 1/2 of the first shot
187.5mg - ~3/4 of the 2nd floating around
total: 312.5mg

With prop you’d have:
41mg - 1/2 of the first shot (taken 2 days ago)
62mg - ~3/4 of the 2nd shot
total: 103mg

That’s a pretty radical difference. Now, I totally know I’m missing something here. Do the difference in the rates the body absorbs the esters account for the difference? When you inject enth then obviously you don’t have 250mg ready to party right away - it diffuses over time.

I’ve seen people say Prop is slightly stronger (mid-80s percent vs low 70s for Enth), can you make an apples to apples comparison between 500mg Prop and 500mg Enth per week? Is the difference something like 73 : 84?

I’m definitely overthinking this, but want to learn as much as I can.


Peak blood levels mean the peak level of test actually RELEASED BY THE EASTER at that given point, not how much of the ester+test is accumulated in your ass.