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Serr's Training Log


Hey folks, after being a reader for 4-5 months I've finally decided to join in. I'm hoping it might further motivate me to move forwards. I'll start updating this log on monday.

6ft 3 200lbs
Arms: 15inch
Chest: 44inch
Waist: 33inch
Thigh: 25.5inch
Calf: 16.5inch

I've always had a bigger lower body I attribute this to all the martial arts I did as a kid.

Brief History:
Been lifting on and off for past 2-3 years but didnt get serious about goal setting, nutrition and generally tracking my own progress until about a year ago. By far the biggest improvements have been made within this time.

My lifts currently (unimpressive)
Squats 140kgx10 - However my knees have been giving me trouble lately so cut these out past 2weeks
Deadlifts 137.5kgx5(Weak considering my squat, but never really focused on these until lately)
Bench press 80kgx6(by far my worst lift, curse my long arms?)
Miltary press: 60kgx3
Bent over row(yates style): 80kgx5


Been doing rippletoes starting strength for past 6weeks so taking a week off for some flexibility work and bodyweight work.

Circuit 1: (Worked to failure on these movements)
Press ups and Chins
40 Press-ups, 7Chins
30 Press-ups, 5 Chins
30 Press-ups, 5 Chins ( took 10seconds before last one, something about not hitting 5 bugs me)

This gave me an insane chest and arm pump which I haven't had for ages due to working in 4-6 rep range mostly.

Circuit 2: ( Failure on dips)
Squat jumps and Dips
10 Squat jumps, 20 Dips
10 Squat jumps, 17 Dips
10 Squat jumps, 14 Dips

10 Minutes of stretching all my major muscle groups.


Press ups/Chin-ups Circuit
25 press-ups,7 Chins
20 press-ups, 5 Chins
30 press-ups, 8 Chins(2 forced reps) - went all out on last sets

My chest still felt sore from monday.

Decided to hit my medial delts via drop set from 15kg down to 5kg

Did this twice.

Flexibility Work for good 15minutes.


Press ups/Chin-ups Circuit
20 press-ups,7 Chins
25 press-ups, 5 Chins
35 press-ups(took break to do last 7), 9 Chins(2 forced reps) - went all out on last sets

Abs were sore when doing stuff, no idea why...

Decided to hit my medial delts via drop set from 17.5kg down to 5kg

there was no 10kgs =(, but still got intense burn.

Performed this twice with good 2minute break inbetween

Flexibility - 15mins


Finished with boring flexibility/rest week onto some plyometric stuff with some weak area work thrown in for good measure.

Skipping - 5-10mins

Plyometric box jumps

Jump squats with 25kg - focused on technique

Squat into medicine ball toss

Wanted to start with incline press but bench was in use -_-'

Reverse Curls w/ EZ Bar


Hammer Curls
20kgx5 each arm
17.5kgx7 each arm - dropped weight because wanted to focus on good form

Incline Press - It's the first time I've done this in like a year.
Went to failure on last two sets, was really happy with my form here had a lil pause at the bottom to really engage my chest.

Face Pulls - Something i've never tryed before, felt a nice burn in my rear delts though.
18kgx20 - far too light
24kgx15 - nice weight

Standing bent arm lateral raises - drop set

Currently munching a bag of nuts and sloshing down some milk.


So today was deadlift day. I haven't ever pushed my deadlift to the limit so today was the day to find my max. This was kind of brought on by the fact everyone here seems to deadlift atleast 400lbs; strong bastards!

So I got in the gym and as usual, folk benching with the bar I use for deadlifts -_-'

So not wanting to stand around like a prick I decide to do some tricep skull crushers... dont ask why... Luckily after one set of 25kg the bar was free.

60kgx8 - Warm-up (Nice pace focused on form and driving my hips through)
1min rest
100kgx5 - Relatively easily
1.5min rest
130kgx3 - still easy
PR Attempt 1:
150kgx1 - surprisingly easy?? - baring in mind the heaviest I have went is 140kg for reps
2mins rest
PR Attempt 2:
160kgx1 - Getting slightly tougher now, felt like I was trying some
2mins rest
PR Attempt 3:
170kgx1 - Yup, felt effort here, but I can do 400lbs maybe 0.o
4mins rest, got some water ^^
180kgx0.9 - Just missed by inches, couldn't manage to lock it out, was pissed. Decided to just call it quits here but I impressed myself as my goal for christmas was a 400lb deadlift, which now appears like a rather low target.

Did some ab work, then stretched off and called it a day.


Set 1:6
Set 2:6
Set 3:10 - 6,2,1,1 - took small breaks inbetween

Close grip bench press lockout(in smith machine)
Set 1:80kgx8
Set 2:85kgx5
Set 3:87.5kgx4

Overhead dumbell tricep extension
Set 1: 15kgx12(warm-up)
Set 2: 22.5kgx9

Tricep pulldown
Set 1: 22kgx10(warm-up, went to heavy here triceps were fatigued)
Set 2: 26kgx7


Agility/Speed Work for 20mins
Footwork drills
Short sprints

6x2-3min rounds on heavy bag

Stretch Off


Friday 12th November workout

Medial delts lateral raise(without bending arm) drop setx3; was alot tougher like this.
cant remember reps..


Fly Machine
110kgx10(2partial reps)


Was supposed to do another week of plyometrics but my knee is annoying me again; think it just needs a really long rest cause I've been pounding my legs. Gonna do another week of the same weights then move to hypertrophy routine for my last 3 weeks before christmas break.

Reverse curls
25kgx10 warm-up
30x11 reverse curls(1forced)

Alternating Hammer Curls
17.5kgx10 each arm
20kgx5 each arm(forced 2 each arm)then straight away did 5 strict 30kg wide grip e-z bar curls for some extra work.

Wanted to do incline bench but bench taken.
Pre-ehausted delts with lateral raises drop setx2 12.5kg,7.5kg,5kg

Incline Press
65kgx6(3 half reps)
60kgx4(full reps) - pre-exhausted shoulders are a biatch!


Chest didnt feel busted so did fly machine
80kg warm upx10
110kgx4 dropped weight 95kgx4, 80kgx5 - chest felt burned here

Annoying session felt like I achieved nothing... didnt eat great over weekend prolly the cause.


30 chin-ups as fast as possible - about 8pauses.

Tricep rope pulldowns

Close grip bench lock outs on smith machine
70kgx5(drop weight)50kgx6

Dumbell overhead tricep extension

Good session, got appointment at physio for my knee; its got a clicking feeling on outside and slight pain.


Lateral raises
12.5kgx6 - 10kgx8 - 5kgx5
12.5kgx4 - 7.5kgx8 - 12.5kgx2 - 7.5kgx5

Fly Machine
120kgx8(2half reps)

Rear delt/Row machine(first time in ages using this thing, so was a bit meh on weights)
80kgx3 - 50kgx6
70kgx5 - 50kgx8 - 35kgx5
70kgx4 - 50kgx10

Noticed the new hammer strength rack with all the shiny weights, had to do something on it.

Miltary press - without lock out, triceps were still weak from wednesday.

25kg(just bar)x15

Decent shift. Now to get the calories in.


Bench press
80kgx4 (drop weight) 60kgx8
80kgx4 (drop weight) 60kgx6

Incline db press

Low-high cable cross over

Chest press

Cable crossover 16kgx15

Barbell curls
45kgx7(dropped weight)40kgx4

Hammer curls
17.5kgx10 each arm

Cable curls
13kgx10 each arm

Shoulders were getting tad sore during pressing movements, gonna watch out for this.


Right haven't updated in ages because got really tedious posting my log and also typing my own personal log. I have decided now just to post any major changes or updates.

Since my last posts I have switched to Thibs HPM and had pretty good results so far, my measurements are at the moment:

Chest: 44.5inches
Arms: 15.5inches
Forearms:12.5inches(arm straight)
Legs: 27inches
Calves: 17inches
Bodyfat: no idea but I can still see my abs
Weight: 220lbs

Miltary press: 67.5kgx3
Bench: 90kgx4
Squat: 100kgx3 ( I have started relearning the squat to get my form perfect)
Deadlift: 160kgx3 ( For some reason I can 1rm 180kg but struggle doing deadlifts for reps??)


Another quick update

Managed 100kg for first time on bench which is a big milestone for me. Only 1 rep but it went up surprisingly easy.

Knee is feeling tons better got 100kgx10 squats, gonna start throwing the weight on.

Deadlifts seem to have plateaued at 180kg but im trying to improve my lockout at top so doing alot of reps around the 75%-90% region.

Measurements are roughly the same but ive only went up a few lbs.


Tryed new movement today for triceps(long head). Finally found a movement which I can feel my long head working and also makes them ache in a good way after.

The bent-over overhead tricep extension. Its Hard to describe but it feels like a money movement for my triceps. Hopefully this will add some sweep to them.


Just looked at my own logbook and the last time I logged measurements was like 30weeks ago since then I've put on 2 stone 8lbs(not all muscle but I can still see my abs). In 30 weeks i've achieved more than I had in one year previously, my biggest lesson: eat, progress on the big lifts and then rinse and repeat.

5/3/1 is brillant.
Benched 105kg with ease, my goal before starting 5/3/1 was to bench 110kg before the end of the year. Im gonna blow past that by the end of next month.

My squat is slowly creeping back up, however getting to 300lbs ATG is gonna be harder than expected. On the topic of squats some badass in my gym was tenth squatting(lol) 400lbs, thing is people in the gym thought it was awe inspiring....


Reached my weight goal of 240lbs. Two more weeks to go on Jim Wendler's cycle, then im gonna do a body recomp to get lean. Then back to bulking hopefully to 260lbs. Missed a week of training due to my 21st, but gonna get back on track; need to hit 300/400/500 before the close of 2011.


Was arm day today. Undoubtly the best day of the week. However starting to develop bad ass stretch marks on my biceps!!! Investment in some bio-oil would be a wise move me thinks.

On a semi positive note my legs are HWOOGE. However I'm only squatting 250lbs for 3-5reps. Changing to atg has my legs exploding but my poundage is shot.


Been cuttin 6weeks now down from 240lbs to 224 gonna cut til mid september then bulk again. Strength has dropped slightly but it is worth it to finally see that my hard work is paying off.