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Serratus Weakness or Long Thoracic Neuropathy

Hi Guys,
Couple of months back I felt some winging of scapula on RIGHT side and did a Nerve conduction test which suggested Long Thoracic neuropathy. I also saw brachial plexus surgeon who straightway told to do decompression surgery. Currently I have stopped working my torso. I have attached some images. I just wanted to know the severity of my problem. In India we do not have any soft tissue management/manipulation techniques such as ART.

I wanted to know from some experienced people out there about the natural recovery of long thoracic neuropathy, whether to opt for surgery immediately, till how long should I wait before I opt for surgery etc…
I read a couple of sports medicine references which suggest that the nerve does heal on its own and may take from 6 months to a full year…
Please let me know your views.

Thanks for taking time to read.

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Hi bushidobadboy

Thanks for the advise. Actually I have done Nerve conduction test for my left Serratus Anterior too and they are in perfect working condition. Just now it came to my mind that may be the way I hold my Bar in front squats is causing impingement to the nerve when it passes through the Scalene muscles in neck… I dont use a clean grip instead I pplace my bar behind my clavicles. May be that is iminging it. Just thought to let you know. I am meeting my orthopedic today. Lets see what he suggests.

Also by nerve recovery I meant that once the impingement is corrected the nerves will start functioning normally over a period of time thats what the Brachialplexis surgeon told me…

Also your help is appreciated. So if you get anything more please post it right away…