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Serratus Anterior

What is an effective exercise to target the serratus anterior muscle? thanks in advance!

Believe it or not, overhead presses hit the serratus very well, better than many of the so-called “target” exercises. The real key though is to have very low body fat levels.

on an incline bench, dumbell raise with palms facing grip. make sure you spread your shoulder blades apart, dont squeeze them together. The visualization I was given was to pretend the axis of rotation is 6 inches below your shoulder blades. Its torture, unbelievable DOMS. LT weight is the call here. Try 'em, youll hate 'em and love 'em at the same time

Are we talking about the same muscle that I’m thinking of? Aren’t the serratus the scalloped looking muscles on the rib cage in from of the lats? No disrespect Chris, but I don’t understand how they could be hit by overhead presses. It seems like behind the neck pulldowns or dips would hit them a lot better.

Check out this site: http://www.chiroweb.com/archives/18/02/19.html

It sounds like Chris is talking about the serratus, which is hit great by standing OHPs and bent presses like Davies speaks of and you’re talking about intercostals.

Hyok- I got that info from Poliquin. Here’s what he said in past issue of T-mag:

"…for the serratus anterior to show prominently, your
body fat levels have to be below a genuine 6%. Look at the
pictures of the Kosovo refugees if you don’t believe me. Of course,
I’m assuming you’re not talking about the serratus posterior, which
is covered by many muscle groups.

 Secondly, there's no definitive serratus movement, as the inferior
 fibers have a different function than the superior fibers. 

 The inferior fibers are responsible for drawing the scapula downward
 while the superior fibers rotate the scapula, raising the point of the
 shoulder as in full flexion and abduction of the arm. 

 Therefore, if you wanted to completely hypertrophy the serratus
 anterior muscle, you'd need to do overhead presses and pullover