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Serratus Anterior Dysfunction

When performing Serratus Wall Slides I feel significant discomfort in the serratus anterior area on my left side. Any motion causing scapular gliding results in nasty pops and clicks. I think the pec minor is related in some way but I’m not entirely sure.

I’ve got pathology from a nasty fall I took on my back on my left shoulder and a partial tear of my bicep tendon or some kind of tendonitis that never wants to go away (MRI was negative, but the chronic pain/irritation and pooling of blood after the incident from doing preacher curls indicate a partial tear) from poor programming in the past. The fall supposedly resulted in a subscapularis strain… I was prescribed PT but nothing really improved after several months.

At this point, I can only tentatively train overhead presses, I’m extremely limited in overhead pulls (in comparison to horizontal/decline pulls) and I’m essentially unable to train biceps with direct isolation work. These injuries occurred more than 4 years ago and I’d really like to move on.

Has anybody worked through any of the issues I’ve listed? Does anybody have any suggestions?