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Serrano's leaner and larger plan

On another board someone posted a question to Dr. Eric Serrano. The person wanted to get leaner and larger simultaneously (yeah, wouldn’t we all?). He outlineed his meals which were at a 50-30-20 ratio. In reply, Dr. Serrano told him to eat 100% of his carbs within two hours of his training and to eat 60% of his protein afterwards (in line of what Cy Wilson has suggested?). Serrano also ofcourse recommended two Serrano products, Nitromine and Glutacene (which I use regularly myself instead of Surge). As noted in a Chris Shugart article, Serrano sometimes doesn’t explain the logic of his recommendations, he just tells people to do this and that. I’ve used Serrano’s advice successfully in the past but would like to get board opinion of why he would recommend taking in carbs and protein this way and if it could really get you “leaner and larger.”

It sounds like a generalized description of the protein pulse eating plan. T-mag did an article about this a couple of weeks ago. I really don’t like to read too much from Serrano because he never explains the “whys”. When someone never explains the “whys”, I always question if they know what they are talking about or of they are just repeating something they heard somewhere.

I know the guy who asked Serrano the question. He contacted Serrano, who suggested a diet where he had a below maintanence intake in the macronutrient ratio and then on top of that added EFAs (6 tbs of flax, 7 fish oil caps) to get the excess calories for growth and 1.5 grams of protein. It seems like the carbs after the workout is mostly for glycogen replenishment, and the excess fat calories is for growth. My friend and I do not understand the protein recommendation though.