Serotropin HGH and HCG

Anyone ever hear of Serotropin HGH and HCG? The HGH has orange caps and the HCG has white.
I can get the HGH cheap enough where I can stay on year round. Problem is, in this game, anything too good to be true usually is.
I should know the potency of the HCG in 24 hours, since about 24 hours after I blast real stuff I get nut ache.
Any other experiences on this company’s products would be greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance.

When I google the name their website certainly looks like someplace I would NEVER order from in a million billion years, EVER.

Not saying that it’s not legitimate GH at all, just that the website SCREAMS bullshit.

Serotropin HGH wallpaper? What the hell is that supposed to do…hypnotize you???

Also, you’ve been a member for nearly 7 years and just made your first post today? Wow.

If you feel comfortable, you can post how much you are paying per iu. This can give us a good idea of whether what you are paying is at, above or below the normal market rate for GH. Not that this will definitively tell you anything, but if it comes from this website and also happens to be really cheap…

I got a quote from them maybe 6 months back. It’s (GH) definitely priced quite cheaply if you make at least a moderate sized acquisition. From those with extensive GH experience, the feedback is that it’s decent, but certainly not the strongest GH available.

Ultimately I didn’t make the purchase, so I can’t give you any more info.

what is the going rate of GH per IU? I was offered some at a certain price, and will say how much it was offered to me upon hearing the approximate market or going rate… I am guessing my quote is high…

It’s a legit website, and very cheap, but, most reviews on the product aren’t very good.

I would work to find a better GH source.

[quote]idowhatican wrote:
what is the going rate of GH per IU? I was offered some at a certain price, and will say how much it was offered to me upon hearing the approximate market or going rate… I am guessing my quote is high…[/quote]

There’s no “going rate” per se. It’s not comparable to a $40 vial of prop. There are huge differences in price depending on the type and number of kits. To generalize though - I’m sure Brook, for one, has seen cheaper prices - it ranges from a buck and change per IU, up to maybe five times that for legitimate medical grade product.

Ahhh, I was offered 100 IU for $300, not sure of the kind, perhaps jintropin…

$300 for 100iu is too expensive imo, but it depends on a lot of factors. For example, if you are getting it from a trustworthy domestic source and it is a quality GH (not Chinese green top), then it is actually not a terrible price. If it’s from a Chinese middle-man in China and, again, the GH is of a good quality, then it’s fairly expensive, and you should be getting it for between $1 and $2.

You could get it for less than the above if you were ordering over, say 5000 to 10,000iu, but I’ll bet you’re not too interested in attempting that route.

[quote]idowhatican wrote:
Ahhh, I was offered 100 IU for $300, not sure of the kind, perhaps jintropin… [/quote]

For a single kit of Jintropin greentops, that price is in the ballpark; not great, but not outrageous.

I appreciate the replies. I’m getting the 200IU’s of the HGH for $500. Taking 5IU 5 days week.

Yeah- been a member forever. Lurking, reading, learning. I was a reader before I was a member- way back before they had supplements (maybe just TRIBEX and Grow!). I actually got their magazine (yeah a real physical magazine) so I am old school.

To be honest the original hard core nature of this site intrigued me- crazy things I had never read before, like an interview with Ben Johnson’s trainer (great read), a ridiculous interview with crazy Paul Boransen <SP?> getting into a car accident and putting on like 80 pounds of muscle in like 8 weeks injecting an entire pharmacy EVERY day - Dan Duchaine and his ludicrous DNP experiments, and articles like the DEAD POOL (how cool!) What’s funny is the boys who started this would tear apart Bill Phillips for selling out. It seems like this site did to a degree. All their products are good. Everyone else sux. Muscle Milk will cause heart failure - or some shit… (although muscle milk did then change that ingredient… )

I don’t mind people trying to make money- and don’t get me wrong I love reading some things on this site. It just seems it lost an edge. I also do buy a lot of their products… I think there is a way to check total purchased in a dollar amount- could of sworn I saw that on here once- so they keep track.

I buy Metabolic Drive, Alpha Male, Flameout. The rest may be hocus pocus- never had good results or noticed anything from anything else.
The reason for my post was this Serotropin is starting to go around- and I would have bet SOMEONE on here would have posted something. I couldnt find anything which shocked me- figured I would ask.

hey i used to get the paper mag too! not many around here knew of its existence in the early days…i also miss “THE DEAD POOL” that was good stuff. nice to have you around

Me three. I’ve reading Testosterone in one form or another since 2001, believe it or not. I can actually remember buying my first issue from a magazine stand in a bookstore in Denton, Texas, and I didn’t even know why I happened to choose that magazine, with it’s fanatasy RPG gamer looking cover, as opposed to the fancy looking muscle mags with the ripped, huge dudes making taking-a-shit faces on the cover. Glad I did pick it up, though.

Well, it looks like the GH can make the old dogs look young, but can’t take it out of them! = ))

Glad I finally decided to post. A lot of the flame comments kinda took the fun out of trying to interact.
A little about me… I started training to get chix. Period. There was a point I wanted some big lifting numbers- but after a few surgeries I realized the most important thing is looking good naked. I have really really small joints, narrow shoulders and high muscle bellies- so in a shirt or a regular t-shirt I look pretty tiny. But in a tank or shirtless people look. I can get pretty vascular.

Benching 405 at 175 was my biggest accomplishment- and it felt great to do, but the feeling pales in comparison when you take off your shirt and a girl is speechless. “What the F”, “Are you a stripper?” and “Jeeeesus” out of a girls mouth beat any sort of lifting accomplishment in my opinion. At 36- it’s so hard to maintain because the joints are crackling now and I lift in constant pain when I am clean. But the above comments fuel me.

So the focus in my advanced years is keeping a 30-31" waist and 8 weeks away from a six pack.
One problem I’m running into now is the extremely long time it takes to recover from a cycle… even with a solid PCT treatment. Can’t hang a wet towel off the old shlong like I used to…

So in my head now- recovering from a 18 week cycle I’m like, what good is the body if you can’t use it?? How much permanent damage have I caused?
Problem is I feel so good when I’m on- I dunno if I could ever go cold turkey. With a normal natural test of about 350 total when I am fully recovered- gains are non existent. Hopefully if this HGH is somewhat good it will let the time in between cycles not be as bad.
Anyway- I could just ramble forever I have 8 years of non posting built up…

Well you are experiencing the same thing that most either have or will that choose to use these chemicals long term. No matter what you do i believe that over time PCT becomes less effective, especially if you have a tendency (like me and most do) to cut short your off time. Over the years this problem compounds itself.

At 36 (i am 40) if you started in your early to mid 20’s i am sure this is what you are experiencing. For me the solution (if you can call it that) was doctor prescribed HRT. I am never really off, but i will say if you find the right practitioner they can dial you in to where you feel great all the time. I rarely add anything to my HRT protocol because i just feel great and don’t see a need.

As for the GH it will help with the “feeling better when off” aspect but i don’t think (just postulating) that it will do much to correct the underlying situation. The first step is extensive lab work to determine exactly what your current situation is. I would try to find an expert on male HRT in your area. Some of the guys in the over 35 forum may be able to help you track one down.