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SerotoninFX, Supp?

It’s called SerotoninFX it says Pharmaceutical grade L-tryptophan (not 5-htp) and it can be used for enhanced sleep, mood control, recovery from exercise and controlling carbohydrate intake.

I saw this just browsing through a few things and it looks interesting but not sure what to make of the product and its claims. I’m only curious about it because I have anxiety and also typically have a tough time falling asleep not matter how much I work out.

Anyone use it? or have more info or thoughts?


It’s strange, but as silly as the ban on supplemental tryptophan may be, you have to wonder about a company that will defy the law outright.

This kind of illegal activity is just sketchy to me.

The FDA lifted the ban on tryptophan in 1994.


[quote]Bri Hildebrandt wrote:
The FDA lifted the ban on tryptophan in 1994.


Thanks for the info Bri!

NOW I wonder why TRP is not included in any amino acid supplements… we wouldn’t even use it for most studies in the lab.

I did not know this was available either, just looked it up and sure enough it’s all over the place.