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Anyone familiar with 4mg serostim?
Just got my 'direct from pharmacy' order and I'm pretty sure the box was sealed properly but I didn't check the tamper seals. The vials are all sealed and look proper, same lot as external box lot #, etc.. but the tray that holds the 7 vials didn't have a plastic cover on it. I thought I saw on another forum that the row of vials are covered with a film?
Can anyone comment? Sorry for the extremely specific question.


Serostim is good stuff & expensive. Sounds legit 2me…can you run the batch # through there web. If u got it from pharmacy its probably legit


It went through someone else’s hands before getting to me, that’s why I’m asking. I’m just specifically concerned about whether or not there should be a film/plastic cover on the tray of 7 x 4mg vials or if the 7 vials lay exposed in the tray.


Im not sure when I used to get sero it was from med spa & just got vials. Try googling serostim anticounterfiting and see what pos up. Also watch serostim video in youtube. Often times hgh manufacturers have promo videos on YouTube… personally i dont buy H unless I can verify its authentic…shits too expensive & needs to be run so long to be messing with fake shit


I always had the seal. Not to make you paranoid. Just be careful. Look into it for sure.