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Serostim (Somatropin) Dosage Measurement Help?

Hey all,

Long time lurker here.

I just recently started a cycle of HGH, but I am having some trouble with the dosage. This is my first time injecting anything and I don’t think the guy I got it from told me the right thing when it comes to dosage and reconstitution.

The insulin syringe I have looks like this: https://imgur.com/81rOOR4

I was instructed to combine the one full vial (1 cc) of sterile water with one of the vials (6 mg) of HGH and I would have a reconstituted amount of 100 Ius per reconstituted vial. However, I read online that each vial truly contains only 18 Ius of HGH. Which is it? I’m dosing 4 Ius a day, and have been for at least 9 days, yet I still have at least half of the reconstituted amount of one vial left…am I doing something wrong?

By the way, I’m using 0.3 mL insulin syringes with a 31-gauge 8mm needle. I included a picture of it above. I’m drawing up to the 4 unit mark to draw 4 ius. What am I doing wrong here? Any help would be appreciated.

TL;DR I have a kit of HGH that includes 7 vials of 6 mgs of HGH and 7 vials of 1 cc of Sterile Water. My source told me each of the 7 vials once reconstituted contains 100 ius of HGH. I’m using an insulin syringe and drawing up to the 4 unit mark thinking that means 4 ius. Am I doing something wrong?

You’ll want to remove those pictures mate…

How long are you intending to run HGH for?

In reference to the removal, may I ask why? I didn’t take them - I just found the ones that looked like what I have on google images. Is it a violation of policy? Apologies for my ignorance if I’m being ignorant!

I plan on doing a 24 month cycle.

@iron_yuppie is great with this type of math. Idk if he enjoys doing lol it but I’m always impressed with his break down and explanation to people.

Serostim 6mg is ~18iu. So if you add 1ml of water that means you’ll have a concentration of .18iu HGH per IU of liquid (those single hashes on your insulin barrel are 1iu). You’ll need to take 23iu of liquid to get 4iu of HGH. Your source lied to you (or alternatively is super dumb).

You’ve been taking .72iu/d. With the kit you bought you have 31 days worth of GH. Hope you didn’t pay a lot for that.

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Thanks iron_yuppie. I paid $800. Is that reasonable?

For one month?? That is not at all reasonable. That’s higher than you’d pay for a legitimate prescription from a US pharmacy. Your dealer should not get any more of your business until he can explain how he came to that price. That’s about 2-3x the going rate for name brand stuff. I know Serostim is highly sought after, but that’s robbery.

Thanks for the heads up! So a 126iu kit of Serostim should only be $400? Looks like I’ll need to find a new source. Thanks for your advice!

I mean, maybe that’s the going rate for that stuff, but there’s good pharma GH for sale all over and it’s like $350 for 100iu; generic is much cheaper. $800/mo is a lot to spend on anything. My doctor and I discussed GH last year and it was $500/mo, and that’s through a pharmacy with a valid rx. Hard to justify a price much higher than that.

Yep. We don’t discuss or post about specific brands. That’d include pics of gear.

Thanks Chris - I’ll remove those straight away. My apologies.

No prob. Already edited them.