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SERMs or AIs to Reduce E2 on TRT?


so if i turn out to have unreasonably high E2 levels as i currently suspect, how would i go about lowering them?
i heard that SERMs are mostly used in PCT to combat gyno… do they offer an estrogen stabilizing effect like AIs do?
is there even another alternative to these products to reduce e2 levels?
i’ve heard conflicting things so i’d just like to hear someone’s take on this, and my situation isn’t really important to the question. thank you.


SERMs are selective estrogen receptor modulators. They attach to estrogen receptors, blocking activation by real E2. So yes, they will work (at high doses) to do what you describe, but as you do that, your system still has plenty of E2 running around ready to cause problems.

IMHO, a more direct way is to prevent E2 from forming in the first place with an AI.


SERM’s do not lower E2 levels and typically increase E2 when used properly and can create massive increases when dosed too high [ditto high dose hCG]. SERM’s block the effect of E2 in SELECTED tissues, not all tissues.

AI’s, aromatase inhibitors, reduce FT–>E2 aromatization rates allowing for a new balance of E2 between creation and metabolic/clearance in the liver.

AI’s are used with TRT and SERM’s are the exception. SERM+AI is also possible.

Never use the term “estrogen blockers” as one really then does not know what is been talked about.

Gyno: Gyno results from high E2 levels which should be prevented with an AI and then a SERM is never needed.

i heard that SERMs are mostly used in PCT to combat gyno”
"i’ve heard conflicting things"
Read the stickies and know the facts. You can easily gain a good understanding and will have a depth of knowledge that exceeds that of almost all doctors [easy]. And you probably need to forget most of what you have come across before. “Bro-science” from body building forums is really bad, the ignorant educating each other. The few on BB sights that know their stuff are drowned out by the babel bad information.

There are other things that lower E2, but they are really quite ineffective and will typically never get one near the E2=22g/ml sweet spot.

Anastrozole ~1mg/week per 100mg/week T, is the drug of choice. Aromasin at 12.5=25mg/day is obviously less effective and more expensive.

Do not be mislead by claims that Aromasin is so much better because it binds irreversibly with aromatase. When you look at dosing, it clearly is inferior. This really get hyped on BB sites where buzz words trump reality.

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Thanks KSman, I think this is the first time I’ve seen this ratio. Good to know


thanks, ur a legend.
i did read through the e2 sticky thread but was still left in a bit of a confusion.
arimidex it is then.


This applies to normal anastrozole responders. Over-responders will crash E2 and then need 1/4th the expected dosing after a 5-6 day washout.