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SERMs for Optimal T to E Levels, 20 YO

Hey everyone ill just explain my situation real quick. Im 20 years old and have high oestrogen and from what I can assume by previous blood test’s, relatively low testosterone. I have had sensitive nipples for more than a year and my nipples have been growing steadily over this duration… gyno, I usually experience discomfort daily (I have no prior androgen use). I just want to state again that this has been going on for longer than a year, so I’m quite level headed about the situation… it is what it is.

Im looking at a HPTA restart but I think thats too drastic and probably overkill.
Im thinking about just taking a standard pct nolvadex run.
What do you guys think?

Did you run the cycle you posted about in 2015? If you did, did you do a PCT after that one or the SARMs last year?

There is a PCT sticky you can draw from

Hey man, no I haven’t ran a cycle yet, I really want to but now isn’t the right time… still holding off. Yeah I ran the sarms for about 4 weeks. It was LGD and S4, didn’t really see anything significant. I did get lethargic and got all the signs of lower T but remained functional. Mind you I had the gyno thing before I did that, I think its related to my previous history of rec drug abuse which can suppress you. Ill take a look at it, cheers