SERMs and Bone Development

Estrogen controls epiphysial plate closure and growth, and it is well established serms can affect bones in studies(a bit tainted though since it’s always “post menopausal women”). However in males particularly young males to what extent would it affect bone closure. I doubt it would stunt growth but would it affect it significantly in any manner, or is the bone closure based on an estrogen range. I’ve done some digging and tried to see if there has been any studies on growth stunting or bone deformations due to serms in late adolescent males but was unable to find anything of substance. For context I’m 19 and taking raloxifene for gyno and don’t want to stunt any growth I have left or possibly end up all disproportionate due to serm usage. if anyone has any experience or knowledge of this it would be greatly appreciated:)

As I understand it, SERMs act as an estrogen at the ER in bone. Would that cause plates to close early? Dunno

I don’t have an answer to your questions, but I do have a thought.

If it were me and I wasn’t sure about long term growth, I would just drop the SERM and focus on not stunting growth.

I still have puberty gyno and I am 33. That can be removed surgically (not ideal, but still very possible). You cannot go back in time and continue growing, and no surgery is going to make you taller.

yeah that’s what I gathered as well, it’s just rate of closure and partial plate stunting that’d i’m unsure of

thanks for the advice man