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Hello, okay?

I'm a man of almost 30 years.I have 1.78 cm. Weight 85kg. 17% Fat
I have some tests done when I was taking (T + HCG + AI). But I think it does not matter?
Carrier hashimoto's disease.

I have hypothyroidism / hypogonadism.

I'm currently using 2.5 grains of NDT.

Was in the HCG protocol + T + Arimidex.

Decides to stop and try something new.

I'm thinking of starting with 20mg ED + Tamoxifen Arimidex 1mg ED.

What is your view on this protocol?

The dosage of tamoxifen this good? And Arimidex?

If I can not control with arimidex, thought of using letrozole.

What do you think of letrozole?

Thank you.


5mg of Tamoxifeno ED + Arimidex 0.5mg EOD.

Its good? Or i need moore tamoxifen??


The dose=response of anastrozole is well understood. Letro can be unpredictable. Try anastrozole and we can deal with any issues later.

How will SERM work for you? Try it and see. Your individual response will be yours, not an opinion.

Have you read the advice for new guys sticky? There are causes of low T discussed there. Note that low T is a symptom, not a cause. Be open minded to the other issues discussed there, including thyroid, iodine and body temperature. Note that low body temperatures indicate that your thyroid med dose is too low. And possible low temps from rT3 blocking fT3. That leads to issues with adrenals.

How did you feel on TRT? Why change? Thinking that with thyroid meds that you can fix HPTA? If you did not feel well on TRT, if you can restart your HPTA, there may be some of the same problems then as well.

If you want some help, post your lab work. More than your hormone lab results - everything.


I am a former User AAS. And after the disease hashimoto never could restore my levels of T. My thyroid about this under control, temp and RT3. I use thyroid dissecated of Thailand. Good product. In TRT I felt OK, but do not want to lose my fertility. And another take tablets is far easier than injections. The Dr.John Crisler is using successfully in their patients SERM + AI for long term. I want to test this protocol, after taking pills is much easier.

I decided that I will take 20mg of Tamoxifen ED, 1 mg arimidex ED.

Here eight weeks will do blood work and put here to help.

Thank you for your attention.




What is your opinion on this protocol Ksman?


I would also test for FT if available. "sensitive" really does not make much sense outside of the context of particular diagnostic companies.

I agree with the suggested doses.

Read the stickies and understand "anastrozole over-responder" and know what to look for and what to do.

Clomid makes some guys feel terrible with estrogenic effects. I suggest that guys use nolvadex to avoid that.


Hello, I'm back. I'm using 20mg of Tamoxifen ED, ED Anastrozole 1mg, 2.5 grains armor, ED 10,000 IU Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12 5000mcg 2x week.
Follow my exams:

HB / HT: 17.5 / 51%
Total Cholesterol: 164
HDL: 37
LDL: 107
Glucose: 88
Vitamin B12: 1101.0
Progesterone: 0.68 0.2 to 1.4
LH: 9.6 1,7-8.6
FSH: 5.8 1.5-12.4
Estradiol: Less than 5 7.63 to 42.6
TT: 453 218-906
T Free: 13.10 4.58 to 18.33
TSH: 1,830
Free T4: 1.03 0.7-1.8
Free T3: 3,03 2,00-4,40
Prolactin: 12.38 4.0 to 15.2
Vitamin D3: 91.2
SHBG: 16.19

My estradiol was below. My dose of 7 mg of anastrozole per week is very high. I have a bit of primary hypogonadism right? Once I made a TPC after a ciclode steroids and my TT was 690. I did not think it was primary.
I have a good energy and libido. But erections are bad.
Which the proximo step? Increasing tamoxifen and reduce anastrozole? In your opinion at what doses KSMAN? I need dostinex to prolactin??I was 1 year on TRT. With the time was that the testicle back to respond better? I need moore armour??
Did other tests, but are not yet ready.

Thank you for your attention.


My plan is to continue with 20mg of Tamoxifen. Switch to 0.25 mg of arimidex E2D. Increase to 3 grains of armor. I think optimizing my thyroid hormones, my T will rise more.

I am in doubt whether I take low doses of Dostinex.